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Recent content by chefkugler

  1. chefkugler

    Director Celebrate the Magic Feedback survery

    yeah we had a map from registration, so that we knew what was open that night and what times shows were.
  2. chefkugler

    Director For those in the Chicago area or those familiar with Navy Pier

    I've done the Italian place in years past. If I recall, it wasn't a sit down and get waited on type of place. Your order, pick up your food and find a table. But, the food was good. Bubba's is awesome, but be ready to wait a long time for a table. There are places in the city that you can...
  3. chefkugler

    Director Lost: 42 pounds (no, not looking for it again!)

    Wow, CONGRATS!!! You are all so inspiring with your success stories. I have been struggling with my weight for a while now and since losing my dad I have been do down in the dumps that I haven't cared about what/ if I eat. I keep saying I need to move in a better direction, change my eating and...
  4. chefkugler

    Disney - What to wear to the Doris dinner?

    That is the way I read it, was we didn't need to pack anything "nice".
  5. chefkugler

    Disney Money Saving tips

    We will be at the Contemporary and my boys are 9 and 12.
  6. chefkugler

    Disney packing list

    This is great to start a packing list. I'm so wrapped up with so much going on that I haven't thought about it. We leave a day early, going out on the 12th. One thing on my packing list so far is: The boys lanyards from their first trip to Disney, so they can do some more pin trading. Got...
  7. chefkugler

    Disney package

    Kristi, I would call HO. You should of got it by now.
  8. chefkugler

    Disney package

    I didn't get an envelope for Excellence award. This would be my first year having to do the return of the ring. How does that work?
  9. chefkugler

    Disney package

    I got my Disney package today. So excited. Now it really does feel real. I can't wait. We leave 3 weeks from tomorrow. I better get shopping for some shorts and tank tops. :D
  10. chefkugler

    Director Agreement Again...

    I never got a director pin when I re promoted. If I get a button or walk for Conference, I won't be wearing it or walking. It was only over 1 month, so I don't look at myself as a NEW director.
  11. chefkugler

    Triple Days in May

    So thankful that my show for $1252 was a triple points day. Need to make up where I lost in the past few months. I'm on track for Hawaii but the recruiting is an issue still. I know there is still plenty of time, right?
  12. chefkugler

    Director Agreement Again...

    I got a new agreement too when I re promoted in Nov. Then I got invited to new director training by home office and I said I think this is a mistake. She said no you promoted in Nov. I was a little upset by it. I had been a Director since 7/07. So because of the new plan , they treat you like...
  13. chefkugler

    Incentive trips

    Thank you everyone. As I read each post with tears rolling down my face. You are all right, my dad would want me to enjoy this trip and yes I will go on a ride w/ him. :o)
  14. chefkugler

    Incentive trips

    I haven't been on in awhile. My father passed away on 5/5/10. We talked about the Disney trip so many times. He kept saying he didn't want to ruin my trip and not have me be able to go with him sick. I told him he would be fine and the kids could come back and tell him all about it. He wanted...
  15. chefkugler

    Director Seven Layer Southwestern Salad- Trifle

    Yes, it is very good. I serve it with tortilla chips and everyone loves it. You can push plenty of products with it too.