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  1. chefkeri

    FS ~ Nancy's Artwork +++

    Thanks for all the emails/PM's. I've had loads of interest, but knowone yet has come through w/ actual $$. So, everything is still available.... Thanks for looking. :chef:
  2. chefkeri

    FS ~ Write-in Receipts

    bumpity bump bump
  3. chefkeri

    New current and no longer available

    please email me the list. [email protected]
  4. chefkeri

    Going Going Gone?

    can you send to me too please & if you have the new prod. flyer done...Thanks! [email protected]
  5. chefkeri

    FS ~ Nancy's Artwork +++

    Would love to combine. All cards are stain free; and are considered gently used. Shipping is extra from 06811. I will try to mail as cheap as possible. [:)] Thanks for helping me make some room! You can PM me, but it will be faster if you EMAIL. I check that more often. :balloon: TPC...
  6. chefkeri

    FS ~ Write-in Receipts

    I have a load ~ some are older and have different shipping costs on it. I would estimate that I have a good 200 or so. Please (email me) I don't get onto the site as much as I would like to. Any offer entertained. Thanks so much!
  7. chefkeri

    Show To Go & Bag

    Hi I will give you a close estimate. Don't have a box yet... Will post soon. Thnks for asking!
  8. chefkeri

    Show To Go & Bag

    I have a Show to Go rolling bag, the large handle bag that matches (large; square in shape) a rolling duffle (tall type) bag ~ great for conference! I have a 2006 conference briefcase style bag. & a sealed pk/10 of SB s/s 2007. All are black and have PC logo on it in some manner...
  9. chefkeri

    Hwc Pins

    I have about 15 HWC pins w/ pink ribbon & silver whipper. Would sell as lot or you can have as many as you want. Looking for $2 ea. I will mail first class w/ del. confirm so it will cost approx $1 per piece. If you want whole lot, I will be happy to quote price; for as fast as you want to...
  10. chefkeri

    It's time for me to go...

    I have decided to hang up my apron. It has been a great few years... I plan on keeping most of my PC wares; but I have a ton of paperwork, stamps & such that I am willing to negotiate on.. I don't remember if I'm allowed to list everything here, so please email me and I will be happy to...
  11. chefkeri

    Old Easy Accent Decorator Ring

    I think I have one... I think I have one of these. I have collected pieces over my PC years... Let me know if you still need it. :) Please email me, I don't get on chefsuccess as much as I like.
  12. chefkeri

    I am Spongebob Squarepants!!! LOL!

    I live in Elmo's world! :)
  13. chefkeri

    I have a horrible feeling Im NOT going to qualify!!

    I can relate to your feelings here! I have had many up/downs. Right this very minute, my staying active is coming into question w/ no shows booked for the foreseeable future! It is totally my fault for too many reasons to bore you with. Here are a few sheets that help me get back into the...
  14. chefkeri

    ISO ~ Black TTA

    For $15 +/- w/ cheap shipping to CT 06811. Looking for 2. Thanks! :balloon: