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    Pc for college kids?

    PC for college kids I've offered the small bar pan along with the small micro cooker. The other things you listed were great, too. The small bar pan is small enough to fit into a toaster oven, so all kinds of things could be cooked on it, from small pizzas to french fries, to chicken...
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    Need Xmas dessert recipe ideas

    Candy Cane Coffee Cake This is in the Celebrate cookbook, but I've attached it. :)
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    Need Xmas dessert recipe ideas

    This isn't Christmas themed, but always at hit at the holidays... I am having several desserts shows for December & here's some of the recipes that we will be having: -Cherry Cheese Coffee Cake (or Cherry Cheese Ring) -Peanutty chocolate microwave cake -Quick Apple Crisp I have found...
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    Have interest in possibly joining PC

    no INVENTORY! The plus I love is not having to keep inventory. I don't have the room for it anyway!
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    What mistakes have you made? X Post

    too many mistakes to name! Kate...learn from my mistakes! I like everyone else's input, too, but it just goes to show, hind-sight is always better than fore-sight & Thank the Lord I got a second chance!!!! I've been more dominant~not pushy, but dominant about handing my calendar to people &...
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    Thinking of hanging up the apron

    Go Sophia! Sophia is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! I have been doing this on & off for 5 years (I had a down-time & took a break...went inactive & re-signed). I definitely needed the break, even though I had not anticipated or planned it. When I re-signed, I've been "gung-ho" ever since! If...
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    Just Wondering

    answer to your question Last winter I was 6 mos. pregnant, so I didn't do many shows at the beginning of the year, but I did manage to do a couple of shows for Jan., Feb. & March (just enough to keep me active)...then nothing in April (this is when I had my baby). This winter...I already...
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    Help! Need to know what to do..

    Guest who didn't attend Jennifer, I usually send out a reminder from my web-site (there are different types of e-mails already there for you) to remind guests that could not attend (whatever kind of show, kitchen or bridal) that they can still order as long as the show is open. You could...
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    Hi everyone, I am debating whether I should sign up for my own

    I too, was a skeptic, but now I'm happy! My husband & I are very web-savvy, so I too was at first very skeptical about how well my own personal web-site would do...after posting some questions on here & took "the plunge" for a year...I thought, I can at least try it for a year! Well a couple...
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    Help! I need the index card pictures!

    Sorry Lauren, I'd never looked at your file. :)
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    Help! I need the index card pictures!

    Index card system I just thought I'd share the following info for those of you who are just starting your Bridal index system. If you do not have any old pc catalogs to cut pics out of, you can go to your personal web-site or the pc web-site, go to the page where you shop on-line...pick the...
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    Talking about bookings during a show

    Deb is sooo Right! I so agree...been there & doing that! I too am like Deb, where I have the attitude to better their Kitchen, not mine...mine is already "macked out" with PC stuff! I am also like Deb in that I & my recruit are the only 2 in a faithful cluster of 8-10 people who have...
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    Host Coaching pays off!!!! Keep at it!

    I'm sorry that I haven't posted! Sorry ladies, that I haven't posted in a while. Been very busy with PC!!! I've also had to limit my time on this web-site...I'm addicted to it! I get to reading all the great ideas on here & I look up & the day is gone! To bring you up to date on some...
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    Jan Host & Guest Specials

    Don't Let This Pass You By... Hello everyone...sorry, long time, no post! I've been blessed with lots of shows in the last few weeks! YEAHHHHH! I'm also working on trying to promote to FD and maybe even Director before the end of the year! Every one say a prayer, send up a blessing, cross your...
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    Lid for Fluted Pan

    Do you cook it w/lid or just transport? Cindy, Maybe you already answered this question, but forgive me it's late & I need to be in bed, but I get so caught up on this web-site... ...do you bake the cake w/ the lid on it, or just transport it with the lid? I LOVE THESE MICROWAVE CAKES...