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Recent content by Chef susan

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    Rema's November Newsletter

    Thank You!!!!:d
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    Rema's November Newsletter

    Love the newsletter----can't "unprotect it"--that is not under my TOOLS
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    August Newsletter

    This is great --but can anyone turn it into a basic e-mail and forward to me--it keeps messing up when I copy and paste---I was so excited to have a newsletter early--but can't use it--I don't like to send attachments--it works perfectly as an attachment though [email protected] PLEASE...
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    June/July 2007 Sell-a-Thon Levels

    If u read the fine print in Consultants corner on the flyer about the sell a thon---I know for DIRECTORS--our kits do not include the level 1--just the level 2 and 3 for June and the level for July----I earned level 1 only---$2500 in sales but a DIRECTOR can get 2 sets of things--what they...
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    Anyone know Sell-A-Thon Levels Products

    Please let me know what is in the Directors kits --:D -I can't find it anywhere
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    Secrets from Conference

    ADD ME TO THE LIST!!!!!:D :D [email protected] THANK YOU!!!
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    Catalog Shows

    A june show has until July 31st to close-- if you want credit for any June incentives it has to close by July 5th Because say you do a JUNE show on July 29th and someone likes the June Host special--they can start it and finish in July:D
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    HWC percentage??

    I lost alot of $$ this month doing Relay for Life fundraisers offering the higher percentage (what I thought would be 25%) AND some of my commission----only like 2 of the 6 didn't sell over $600 to even get the 15%---still have one to receive today and 2 e-mailed me yesterday to do a fundraiser...
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    Looking for PP receipts asap!

    Just talked to Home office and that is acceptable to print out the receipts from PP onto a blank piece of paper and print out only the 2nd page from Consultants corner--as I have done it before---and with 5 fundraisers this month I ran out of PP receipts Just FYI:D the person that quoted...
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    Looking for PP receipts asap!

    is that official from HOME OFFICE--as I have been printing the backs on the receipts too when I run out---there would be no point to have them as a download if they weren't able to be used???
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    HWC Fundraiser Host Letter

    It really wasn't in fine print --it said HWC (which I didn't think was clearly stated what a HWC fundraiser was--and MAYBE I should have known that)---but with it going to the Cancer Society anyway---I don't know how many people do a HWC show just to do it????--I've been working with the RELAY...
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    HWC Fundraiser Host Letter

    The HWC fundraiser higher percentages are not what they seem---I am doing at least 5 Relay for Life team fundraisers in MAY--because I told them of the higher percentage---well PC says only HWC shows (where profits go straight toward THEIR donation to the Cancer society) count--so lots of money...
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    Rita March 07

    I haven't found Lindas this month??!! S
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    March newsletter

    How do I take her newsletter and send it not as an attach,ent--please help--I love it Thanks:D
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    Has anyone heard of?????????

    Many in our area are doing the arboone thing too---just for the discount it seems--a spa just started using it as one of the doctors is a distributor and really high up in just a yrs time--I loved the nutrimin C --only used for a week free sample---bought the firming stuff--but may buy the...