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    Pumpkin pie spread recipe

    I am a "newer" consultant (in SS month 3) and have a host asking if I have the recipe for the Pumpkin Pie Spread. She said she had it at a show last year and would like to have it at hers - but I can't find it. Does anyone have this recipe or is it called something else? Please post if you...
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    Upright Tote - Rolling Case

    Has anyone had any troubles with their rolling tote? I used mine for the first time on Friday and loved it!! What a fantastic piece of "luggage". However, when I got home, I carried it up to my front door using the side handles - when I got inside, I put it down on my wood floors and pulled...
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    Theme Show Need Survivor Show Help :)

    As for the recipes - each team makes one recipe during the competition. You don't cook a thing. The team captain is in charge of breaking down the recipe and assigning the tasks to the other members of the team. While they are preparing the recipes, just kind of "float" between the two...
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    Theme Show Need Survivor Show Help :)

    My Survivor shows are a lot of fun - I start by "Setting the mood"...decorating my display with "survivor-ish" looking decorations. I have little tiki men type salt and pepper shakers I picked up at a resale shop, fabric that looks rustic, small wooden tiki candle holders, etc. I have a cd of...
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    Theme Show Hawiian ideas

    At a recent Luau show I made sure I had lots of plastic leis and used those for the guests to "earn points" with. If they brought a friend, they got a lei; if they wore a Hawiian shirt, they got a lei; if they booked a show, they got 5 leis, through out the demo if they helped me with a...
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    Theme Show Can I get your thoughts on this show idea?

    I've done a couples show (my first $1000+ show! ;) ) and I have done a show with a competition (Survivor theme) and both were very successful. I used the Pepperoni Twist vs. Apple Cranberry Twist for the competition. The two teams did have to share some of the tools (I am in my SS month 1)...
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    Hey everyone! Question for you guys...I just earned SS2 which came

    I have been a consultant since the first week of August and have already had 2 of these returned for the reason they can't get the food to stay on the guard. Plus they couldn't get the carrots to work in the slicer with all the blades (I can't remember what it is called). But here is my...
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    Bookings Help with Host Benefits please!

    I contacted HO and they connected me to Order Processing. The woman I spoke to in OP told me that once I submit the first order (the original host) then I can call back and they can give me a host # right away to plug into the next order. I hope it will work that easy. :rolleyes:
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    Bookings Help with Host Benefits please!

    I am not sure how to enter this into Pampered Partner so my host can receive her stoneware discount...here is what happened - A customer had a catalog show that started around the 1st of September. She had the Fall/Winter catalog a week prior because she was excited about the new products...
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    Super Starter Month one Bonus

    Thanks! I will check out the link on CC. I just have the paperwork flyer and it doesn't list the actual products. I can't wait to get my hands on a bar pan!!
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    Super Starter Month one Bonus

    Can someone please tell me which size bar ban comes in the SS1 Bonus? I want to get myself all sizes of the bar pan but have recently met my Bonus and don't want to get the same size twice. THANKS!
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    Theme Show HUGE couples party

    an update... Well, I had the couples show on Friday night. Man, was that a crazy time! There were a total of 42 people - 26 couples! The party was in their garage and they had a small tent canopie at the end of the garage to "extend the room". I set up a table at the bak of the garage, next...
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    Sales Does anyone have a copy of their script that they use at kitchen

    I think part of your personality needs to come out into your "script" so it probably wouldn't come across very naturally if you were to do what I do, or what the next consultant does, etc. However, before I do each show, I sit down at the computer (keep in mind - I am in my SS month 1) and walk...
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    Fall/Winter Sales Receipts

    Someone may have already mentioned this, and if so, I must have missed it - but I am loving the Fall/Winter Sales Receipts! I am in the process of getting my lap boards assembled for an upcoming show and was getting ready to put my name sticker on the last page of the receipt...I opened it up...