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  1. cathyskitchen

    Questions about how to get around in Philadelphia

    Take the R5 Regional Rail line from Ambler or Ft. Washington (about 5-10 min from Norristown) into Suburban Station. The areas you want to visit will be located close to that station and are walkable. Have fun!
  2. cathyskitchen

    Anyone in or near Allentown, PA who can do a show for me?

    A woman who's kids used to go to the same preschool as mine asked if I'd do a show for her, but she has moved to Allentown and it's a bit too far for me. She asked if I could help find someone else who might be able to do it. Let me know if you're in the area and interested - email me at...
  3. cathyskitchen

    What's wrong with Christmas?

    I understand your frustration with those who wish a generic "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas", but one sentence in your email really stood out to me: Do you really think this is a "Christian country"? I mean, I agree, most of this country's founders were Christian, however, they...
  4. cathyskitchen

    HWC Products for October '12?

    They really need to think outside the Pink Box on this!! The bags are awful (had them, they ripped!) and the gloves were even worse (the cute white/dotted part ripped right off!!). The scrub brush is probably my favorite of all 3, but I did have mine fall apart (handle came off), hubby Gorilla...
  5. cathyskitchen

    Iso: Chillane server/cool n serve carrier

    It was actually called "Chillzanne" and it was discontinued back in 2004, I think. It is pretty rare to find one anymore, and the company that used to make them doesn't even seem to exist anymore (Sierra Housewares) to order replacements from. eBay or Amazon are probably her only options.
  6. cathyskitchen

    Replacement parts

    Unfortunately, this has changed since March 1st - all replacement parts orders are charged S&H and tax now. So bummed!!
  7. cathyskitchen

    Urgent Gift certificates?

    I never sold the old gift certificates, I always offered my own. I usually included them in silent auction baskets for schools/church fundraisers, but it was a way to ensure they actually bought something from you. I will not miss GCs at all.
  8. cathyskitchen

    LEAST favorite products?

    Sounds similar to the Pineapple Wedger to me. I am looking forward to trying this out! I'm actually excited about the new SA dishes, since this is what I have wanted all along. I never really "loved" the dots, but the dishes were nice so I got them. Now that my husband has broken several of...
  9. cathyskitchen

    Anyone have any 2012 Calendars left to sell?

    I am willing to purchase 10 - 30 of these, if anyone has any left. Let me know. Thanks! [email protected]
  10. cathyskitchen

    Has anybody received their turkeys?

    I submitted my show on 11/12, and still have not received my certificate. I'm feeding 10 people on Thursday and need that certificate! I won't be home for Christmas, so I won't have any use for it if I don't receive it tomorrow (I want to brine it on Wed.) - YIKES! Talk about cutting it close!! :(
  11. cathyskitchen

    Booking troubles

    Men usually buy more from me than women. Tell them they'll probably have a big show! Men usually buy knives and cookware from me (and BBQ stuff), which are the higher priced items. If the men he knows like to cook, love to cook, or hate to cook, then they'll enjoy PC, because we make it easy for...
  12. cathyskitchen

    Past Host Discount Question

    Try it anyway, it may go through. I've done the same thing sometimes. As long as the host has a PHD it should go through.
  13. cathyskitchen

    Mary Kay presentation at my show yesterday

    Once another direct seller is presenting at the show, it is now a "Vendor Event", not a Pampered Chef Cooking Show. I only do "Vendor Events" with people I know who invite TONS of people (i.e., over 100!) and there are several vendors in attendance all inviting their preferred customers. I then...
  14. cathyskitchen

    Carry Less... Sell More

    A lot of people just carry what comes in the new consultant kit and a few other pieces needed for the recipe they're preparing. And, if someone asks at a show if you have something, just tell them you'll be glad to bring it to their house for their party!