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Recent content by candiejayne

  1. candiejayne

    Your guide to season changeover

    Guess I have about a week to get active again! Thank goodness for a mom who places huge orders!
  2. candiejayne

    The Cheffers' Book Club

    I went to the book store, I ended up buying The Diary of Anne Frank. I haven't read it in a while and thought I would read it again.
  3. candiejayne

    Super fast dessert in DCB

    I personally don't think that one can of pie filling is enough, I like lots of fruit for more of a cobbler. With the peach pie filling, I add a can of light syrup sliced peaches. A clustermate of mine did a chocolate cake with a can of cherry pie filling and then found a bag of frozen cherries...
  4. candiejayne

    Ok...I understand that it's fun for some folks to follow the mundane

    Re: Twitter-me-crazy!? I recently started it, it's driving me nuts LOL! toooooo many texts!
  5. candiejayne

    What's for Dinner? (May 18)

    we had chicken enchilada ring at my CM! it was yummy!
  6. candiejayne

    The Cheffers' Book Club

    Last fall I was suppose to go see Wicked on stage with my co-workers. Something came up and I never got to go. I was really bummed about it. I think I'm going to head over to the book store today and see about getting the book!
  7. candiejayne

    Did you miss me?

    Well said! Welcome back Erin! Don't forget we are here for you if you need to vent. There are plenty of us who are in you shoes right now, or have been in your shoes in the past. My ex-husband did a 14 month deployment, its rough, but it's doable! :) Just remember to keep your chin up and it...
  8. candiejayne

    The Cheffers' Book Club

    I think I need to figure out how to get a library card, that sounds bad, but we have a lot of different libraries around here, and I'm not sure which district I'm in. Thanks for bumping this. I'm going to go back through and mark some books for reading!
  9. candiejayne

    Grey's Anatomy Finale

    lol very true lisa!
  10. candiejayne

    Grey's Anatomy Finale

    I haven't watched Grey's for a few years, I was flipping channels and saw it. They killed off my 2 favorite characters...
  11. candiejayne

    Lunch for my book club

    I think the two pizzas and a simple salad would be good. I would like to find a book club in my area, I think it would be a great way for me to meet new people.
  12. candiejayne

    Personal Why I've been MIA...

    I'll do direct ship to his house, i won't even touch the stuff, can't blame me that way. I was even smart, I'm giving him a catalog that is blank, doesn't even have my name on it. he knows how to get ahold of me without having to have my business info, LOL, besides everything in my info is now...
  13. candiejayne

    Personal Why I've been MIA...

    LOL I JUST READ IT!!!!! too funny!
  14. candiejayne

    Humor OT: What did you do at work today...

    LOL that is toooooo funny!
  15. candiejayne

    Couples Show

    I didn't use a special couples invitation when I did mine a few weeks ago. I took one of the ones PC provides on CC and in the comment section on the invite I typed in that it was a couples show and everyone was invited. Good Luck with your show! I did pretty good with mine considering who...