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Recent content by Brianne

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    Best selling items

    This doesn't reflect the show I did tonight... but here goes! Fall/Winter 04 Season's Best - 33 Food Chopper - 15 Measure-All Cup - 11 Garlic Press - 11 Classic Large Round Stone - 10 Pie Crust Shield - 9 I-Slice - 9 Ultimate Slice & Grate - 9 Quikut Paring Knife - 8 I started my...
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    Pampered Chef Consultant Items for Sale

    You've got a deal! Let me know the shipping to 92057. Thanks!
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    Pressured to get bookings...HELP

    There's a difference between asking and being pushy. No one will want to do a show for you if you force them into it. Are you this person's first recruit? Perhaps she's new herself or is overzealous because she's excited that you've joined her team?
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    Pressured to get bookings...HELP

    That's a great goal... but unrealistic. Not everyone at every show will want to do a show for you. If you've already told her that you are happy with doing a certain amount of shows per month, then I think you need to be more frank with her. I'd say something like this: Recruiter, I...
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    Pressured to get bookings...HELP

    I agree with chefloriray Just like every host has different sales goals so they can get what they want, as consultants we all have different goals. Not every host wants to have a $1,000 show and not every consultant wants to be an NSE. We all come to the table for different reasons. :)...
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    How do you know if a Kiwi is ripe or not?

    Unfortunately I don't think that there's a thing in this world that someone isn't allergic to. My brother is highly allergic to peanuts and can't eat anything containing peanut oil or made somewhere where peanuts are in use. Because of his allergy, I've been more conscious of other's...
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    First Show....

    The mango salsa sundaes are fabulous! I did them at my Wednesday night show and everyone raved about them. I paired it with the Turtle Fudge Skillet Cake, so there was something sweet and light and something hot and rich. TIP! I used the US&G on the kiwi to slice it and it worked great...
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    The Dollar A Day Stoneware is the best thing ever!

    I think that's a great idea! What a great way to tweak the promotion to fit the show. Good thinking! I'm sure you could also do this with the US&G, Food Chopper, and I'd even be tempted to say the Generation II Square Griddle or Small Saute Pan.
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    Sales at Dentist or Doctor?

    Did you leave a catalog or two in the waiting room? I always ask if I can leave one or two catalogs in the waiting rooms of the appointments I have. Doctor, Dentist, salon, Pediatrician.... everywhere. I've never had anyone say no, and I've had a few sales come my way because of it. Also...
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    The Dollar A Day Stoneware is the best thing ever!

    Here's what I said :) When I left a message: Hi Beth! It's Brianne Keene with The Pampered Chef and I have some really exciting news for you! I remembered how much you love our stoneware, and if you host a show in July, whatever date you host on is the price you pay for the stoneware piece...
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    The Dollar A Day Stoneware is the best thing ever!

    I saw people talking about this Dollar A Day Stoneware idea and thought it sounded pretty okay. I've now changed my vote and am the biggest fan ever! I'm trying to overbook my July and August, since I'm taking a 3 week vacation in September. Since I haven't had much luck in bookings at my...
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    Pampered Chef Consultant Items for Sale

    I'm in! I'd be interested in the old catalogs and the light blue apron, if they're both still available. How much for shipping? I live in San Diego, 92057.
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    PC Emblem

    I'm guessing it was 4 1/2 years or less... Here's my math on that... you'll laugh when you see it! :P I have several items in my kitchen that have the hen logo and I went to my first Pampered Chef Kitchen Show about 4 months after I got married. This September, my husband and I are...
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    Where did I go wrong

    Re: Where did I go wrong? Thanks, Kitchen Queen. I've been in your shoes, and though it doesn't happen often it is a bit frustrating. Since your host didn't feel upset by the numbers I don't think that you needed to be, either. Not every host is driven to have a $600 show. Some just want...
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    ISO catalog shoulder bag earned Jan 2005

    *raises hand* Count me in on wanting one, too! email me at [email protected] Thanks!