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    Trying to ID my pampered chef item

    This is not a PC item. I was a consultant starting in 2002 and had been buying PC starting in 1982. We never carried this item.
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    Cleaning Woven Trays?? Help :)

    Yes you absolutely can put a hot stone on the woven trays!
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    ISO a new or gently used white DCB

    Did you ever find this? (I know you asked in 2018 - Lol). I have a white one - used only a couple times.
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    FOUND WHAT I NEEDED. ISO - 1 Dots, Small Plate

    Did you ever find this? I have one available
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    Shirts and totes and more

    Purchase from me only.
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    Shirts and totes and more

    Hmm... I did just accept someone but I'm not sure it was you. My name on Facebook is Beth Schlitz Brigham I have two groups: PC Consultant Items Clearance PC Clearance
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    BBQ items for sale

    Updated 7/2/16
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    ISO Beaded Servingware

    I have the beaded spoon, cheese knife and spreader. All new in package.
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    Shirts and totes and more

    I have started a group on Facebook called PC Consultant Items Clearance and have posted lots of items - shirts, jackets, totes, purses, other items - and have more to add. If you would like to see what I have please search for the group, friend me (Beth Schlitz Brigham) and ask to be added or...
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    BBQ items for sale

    All items are plus shipping: BBQ grill cleaning brush was $16.50 now $10 BBQ grill basket was $29.50 now $15 BBQ jumbo turner was $22 now $10 BBQ mitt was $19 now $10 BBQ roasting pan with can holder was $41.50 now $20 BBQ slotted spoon was $15.50 now $10 BBQ skewer set was $21.50 now $10 BBQ...
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    Recently retired director - lots for sale

    Yes I do. I just had surgery yesterday but I'll post pics as soon as I am able.
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    Recently retired director - lots for sale

    I do have a catalog tote and some of the cookbooks/recipe cards you mention. Please email me. [email protected]
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    Yes. If fits in a flat rate envelope if I fold it. I think those are $6.45 so $16 shipped and it's yours.
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    ISO Simple Additions items

    I also have the cake pedestal new in box $25 plus shipping
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    ISO Simple Additions items

    I have a couple of the 16x6 trays available. One with cranberry edge $15, two plain white $10 each. Two medium square plates with cranberry edges $8 each and three medium square plates white $6 each. All of above are out of box but like new. I also have the hospitality set $25 new in box and...