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Recent content by baychef

  1. baychef

    ISO large striped bowl

    Going back many years but I have a consultant looking for the large bowl in the set of three nesting mixing bowls. The interior of the bowl is light blue and the outside has pale blue, yellow and green stripes.
  2. baychef

    Corn cob knobs

    Customer looking for corn cob knobs.
  3. baychef

    Facebook Parties...help!

    Wish I could help. I seem to be in the same boat and really need to get on board! I am in a position where doing home parties is not as easy due to personal circumstances. I will be watching too!
  4. baychef

    New Indoor/Outdoor grill

    My opinion only...if you don't grill then you won't use it. Personally, for me, it has been convenient. The indoor use is very useful to me.
  5. baychef

    New Indoor/Outdoor grill

    I have the grill and love it! Was very skeptical especially because of the indoor smoke. Have made kabobs and burgers. Using it at least once a week or more. Not doing many parties right now because of personal commitments so I haven't had an opportunity to sell more than one.
  6. baychef

    Ice Cream Maker

    http://blog.kingarthurflour.com/2015/05/15/dairy-free-ice-cream/ Lots of tips for dairy free ice cream making!
  7. baychef

    Ice Cream Maker

    I would Google it. If I find anything will post.
  8. baychef

    Spice turn about

    Have someone looking for a spice turn about. Please pm me and will give you information to contact my fellow consultant for purchase follow through. Thank you!
  9. baychef

    Lester Jones Trial: Jury returns verdict of guilty

    Well written, Scott. My personnel opinion about his sentence....as long as he is not out in our society, I am fine. His final sentence lies with our Lord. He will deliver the sentence deserved. The families of both the victim and the one committing the crime suffer. And often, the family of...
  10. baychef

    Lester Jones Trial: Jury returns verdict of guilty

    I agree, Linda! Thank you so much Kitchen Guy for your unwavering loyalty to not just Paige, but keeping us up to date. And may Paige's murderer for slowly in prison and in hell. I will never understand how one can take another's life.
  11. baychef

    March Host and Guest Specials

    There is a note on the Host Specials that the flyer will be updated in early February after the Spring product introduction! And as always....THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH KAM!!
  12. baychef

    Flyers with December

    She got them! Thanks again!
  13. baychef

    Flyers with December

    I can send them to her.
  14. baychef

    Flyers with December

    Thanks soooooo much, Kam!!!:):):):):)