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    ISO - old style OIl bottle lid

    Sent you a direct message!
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    ISO - old style OIl bottle lid

    Hello all, I'm looking for an old style, drip less oil bottle replacement lid as seen here. If you have one, please message me on this site. Thank you!
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    National Conference 2016 *Spoiler* Thread

    Wooo- what's the red thingy? LOL
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    Are you using Red Stamp?

    Well, that explains it! I looked all over for an announcement-it must have been buried and I missed it. That is too bad I loved using their invites! Thank you!
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    Are you using Red Stamp?

    What am I missing. I used to use Red Stamp all the time- now the Pampered Chef collection is gone! Did I miss something?
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    Spring/Summer 2015 Products

    Thanks for the tip to locate.
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    Discontinued items 2014 S/S

    Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!
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    ISO Chillzane lids

    Looking for lids to rectangle multi-compartment tray and large round bowl. Any help would be great! Thanks.
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    Paperwork and supplies up for sale.

    I am posting for a friend. You'll have to email her directly.
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    Paperwork and supplies up for sale.

    A team member is taking a break from her business she's not on chef success, but has the following items left over and for sale: Here is her list: a full pack of catalogs s/s 2012 , 3 3/4 pk of mini, full pack sales receipts, 62 pp plus receipts, 3 pks of season's best (last summer), 2 1/2...
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    Taste of Travel

    Just needed to shout out. As a part-timer, I never thought I'd earn a trip. Now I am right on track with my show schedule and on the brink of promoting to Director and can't wait to take my hubby to Nashville! Yeee Haw!
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    What great things happened for your business last week?

    Did a fundraiser Bingo that raised $1400 for the organization and then sold another $700 in products and booked 2 shows from it!
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    March 2012 Marketing Idea

    Just spent 30 mins creating one and have to wait to get to desktop to convert it to a jpg. Knew I should have come here first! Thanks so very much!
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    Advertising with Real Estate Agents

    Woo! Thanks so very much!
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    Advertising with Real Estate Agents

    This is beautiful! And a great idea! Can you send me the publisher file for editing? Thanks very much!