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    Spoilers for SS 2019 Products

    The medium cover and store lid is discountinued. When was the rectangular baking pan that it fits last sold?
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    cleaning Quick Cooker pot

    Ketchup? Wow! I wonder if it is the vinegar in it that works well?
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    cleaning Quick Cooker pot

    Thanks for the advice to use a baking soda paste. That really worked! Anyone have a brisket recipe for the Quick Cooker?
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    cleaning Quick Cooker pot

    My Quick Cooker pot has food residue "baked" onto the surface. Maybe I didn't use enough oil when searing meat? It give the pot a rusted look. Soaking in soapy water did nothing. Anybody?
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    Does anyone have recipes for the Cut N' Seal?

    When it was my son's day to bring snacks to school, we made circle sandwiches and served them in the shape of a caterpillar. I just put an olive eye and pepper mouth and antenna on the head sandwich.
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    I'm 512dawn. I am also new.
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    Personal New Member

    Hi CrockedUp.