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Discussion in 'Quick Tips' started by tlag1986, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. tlag1986

    tlag1986 Gold Member

    What are your top ten products sold?

    So far for 2009 here are my top ten.

    2622 Mini-Serving Spatula 43
    1722 Large Sheet Pan 26
    2583 Mix 'N Chop 21
    2758 Smooth-Edge Can Opener 16
    1166 Slice 'N Serve® 14
    2230 Classic Batter Bowl 13
    1903 The Pampered Chef® Season's Best® Recipe Collection 13
    2225 Measure-All® Cup 11
    2236 Mini Measure-All® Cup 10
    2233 Small Batter Bowl 10
  2. chefann

    chefann Gold Member

    For 2009:
    1913 Season's Best® Recipe Collection 12
    1260 Citrus Peeler 8
    2622 Mini-Serving Spatula 6
    2071 Small Spreader 6
    GQ88 Chef's Silicone Basting Brush 5
    2540 Medium Scoop 5
    1674 Bamboo Spoon Set 5
    GQ53 Sweet Cinnamon Sprinkle 4
    9808 Ginger-Wasabi Sauce 4
    2707 BBQ Grill Basket 4
    1903 The Pampered Chef® Season's Best® Recipe Collection 4
    1722 Large Sheet Pan 4
    1071 Vegetable Peeler 4
  3. dannyzmom

    dannyzmom Gold Member do I pull up this report?
    I am SO not comfy with P3 yet.
  4. tlag1986

    tlag1986 Gold Member

    Carolyn go to reports on top left go to shows and it will show up as top ten.
  5. doughmama

    doughmama Silver Member

    Since September:

    Season's Best Recipe Collection
    Food Chopper
    Large Bar Pan
    Mix 'N Chop
    Mini-Serving Spatula
    Silicone Bakeware Floral Cupcake Pan
    Garlic Press
    All-Purpose Spreader
    Slice 'N Serve
    Dripless Pourer/Stopper
  6. chefann

    chefann Gold Member

    The PP reports are all there, but you sometimes need to search a bit to find them. They're usually a sub-report or specific way to filter one. If you play with the reports for a while, you'll get the hang of them.
  7. Fluffy215

    Fluffy215 Gold Member

    2047 Small Bamboo Spoon Set 7
    2981 Microfiber Towel - Cranberry 7
    1642 All-Purpose Spreader 7
    GQ88 Chef's Silicone Basting Brush 6
    2626 Large Serving Spatula 6
    2605 Coating Trays and Tool 6
    1825 Prep Bowl Set 6
    1277 Rotary Grater 6
    2651 Twixit! Clip Combo Pack 5
    2622 Mini-Serving Spatula 5
  8. babywings76

    babywings76 Gold Member

    2622 Mini-Serving Spatula 36
    1903 The Pampered Chef® Season's Best® Recipe Collection 33
    2583 Mix 'N Chop 25
    2730 Ice Cream Dipper 23
    2585 Food Chopper 22
    1722 Large Sheet Pan 20
    1650 Classic Scraper 18
    GP52 Color Coated Tomato Knife 17
    1587 Stackable Cooling Rack 17
    1606 Deluxe Mini-Muffin Pan 16
  9. My top 20 since 1/1/09

    2622 Mini-Serving Spatula 24
    2583 Mix 'N Chop 20
    GQ88 Chef's Silicone Basting Brush 15
    1903 The Pampered Chef® Season's Best® Recipe Collection 15
    GQ50 Small Bamboo Spoon Set 12
    2585 Food Chopper 11
    1071 Vegetable Peeler 11
    2778 Large Micro-Cooker® 9
    2071 Small Spreader 9
    1615 Handy Scraper 9
    2230 Classic Batter Bowl 8
    1590 Mini-Tart Shaper 8
    1260 Citrus Peeler 8
    2677 Jar Opener 7
    2626 Large Serving Spatula 7
    2495 Can Strainer 7
    1182 Egg Slicer Plus® 7
    1101 Hold 'N Slice® 7
    2730 Ice Cream Dipper 6
    2705 Meat Tenderizer 6

    Need to get some higher priced items on that list! Large Bar Pan used to be a big seller for me--need to get back on that!

  10. don't you just click on REPORTS and then TOP SELL.....
  11. 2583 Mix 'N Chop 9
    1077 Kitchen Shears 8
    2685 Mix 'N Masher 7
    1903 The Pampered Chef® Season's Best® Recipe Collection 7
    1101 Hold 'N Slice® 7
    2622 Mini-Serving Spatula 6
    2758 Smooth-Edge Can Opener 4
    2651 Twixit! Clip Combo Pack 4
    1674 Bamboo Spoon Set 4
    1074 Color Coated Paring Knife 4
  12. crystalscookingnow

    crystalscookingnow Gold Member

    2583 Mix 'N Chop 29
    2622 Mini-Serving Spatula 20
    GQ88 Chef's Silicone Basting Brush 18
    1913 Season's Best® Recipe Collection 18
    1260 Citrus Peeler 18
    GQ50 Small Bamboo Spoon Set 15
    2707 BBQ Grill Basket 10
    1721 Medium Sheet Pan 10
    1114 Kernel Cutter 10
    2044 Bamboo Specialty Cooking Set 9
  13. chefann

    chefann Gold Member

    P3 reports are different from PP reports. That's where the report is/was in PP.
  14. Bamboo Spoon Set
    Smooth-Edge Can Opener
    Mix 'N Chop
    Large Sheet Pan
    Stackable Cooling Rack
    Mini-Serving Spatula
    Pizza Cutter
    Ice Cream Dipper
    Nylon Pan Scrapers
    Medium Scoop
    Quikut Paring Knives
  15. chefjeanine

    chefjeanine Gold Member

    Mini-Serving Spatula 38
    Mix 'N Chop 32
    Small Bamboo Spoon Set 25
    The Pampered Chef® Season's Best® Recipe Collection 22
    Citrus Peeler 21
    Sweet Cinnamon Sprinkle 15
    Bar Board 15
    Corn Butterer 14
    Cookware Protectors 12
    Twixit! Clip Combo Pack 11
  16. Silicone Basting Brush (Free)
    Mix 'N Chop
    SBRC F/W
    SBRC S/S
    Citrus Peeler
    Large Sheet Pan
    Quikut knives
    Mix 'N Masher
    Caramel Sprinkle (Free)
    Medium Scoop
  17. slapsappyhappy

    slapsappyhappy Silver Member

    2506 Kitchen Spritzer 19
    1445 Large Bar Pan 15
    GQ50 Small Bamboo Spoon Set 11
    GQ88 Chef's Silicone Basting Brush 10
    1302 Pizza Cutter 10
    1101 Hold 'N Slice® 10
    2622 Mini-Serving Spatula 9
    2626 Large Serving Spatula 7
    2158 Dripless Pourer/Stopper 7
    2585 Food Chopper 6

    I haven't sold a single mix'N Chop and that seems to be either everyone's top seller or at least on everyone's list, lol! I need to focus on more big money items... lol! The only expensive things on my list are the chopper and the bar pan...
  18. I didn't know you could pull this report, this is great...

    Mine are: (Since Jan 1 to today)

    Mix n chop 24
    Small bamboo spoon set 23
    Mini serving spat 23
    sweet cinn sprinkle 19
    Cranberry DCB 16
    Silicone basting brush 15
    Seasons Best 14
    Bamboo spoon set 13
    Food chopper 11
    Easy Adjustable measuring cup 11
  19. Mix N Chop-17
    Vegetable Peeler-16
    Large Sheet Pan-13
    Mini Serving Spatula-11
    Small Bamboo Spoon Set-10
    Food Chopper-8
    Bamboo Specialty Cooking Set-8
    Chef's Silicone Basting Brush-7
    Bamboo Spoon Set-7
    Tool Turn About-6

    This was an eye opener..this list is from 1/1/09. Last year I had some stoneware in I too need to get back to promoting those
  20. Are you guys not taking the baker to your shows? No one has it listed...
  21. ChefBeckyD

    ChefBeckyD Gold Member

    Mine isn't listed in my top 10, because it's under several different #'s.

    When it was the host bonus it was a different #, and also if it's the host half-price combo. So, when I add all of the #'s together it ends up in my top ten, but without adding them together, the main # is 16th or 17th on my top sell list.
  22. I am not going to include the guest specials (basting brush, small spoons or sprinkles) even though they are in my top 10.

    mini serving spatula-10
    can strainer-9
    BBQ basket-7
    Food chopper-7
    decorator bottle set-6
    Kitchen shears-6
    smooth-edge can opener-5
    Large sheet pan-5
    Rotary grater-5

    I did the fajitas in the DCB for all of my Jan and Feb shows and sold-0, very dissappointing!!
  23. Here's mine! lol.. the free item is first but I guess that's not a bad thing because most of my guests have ordered over $60.
    GQ88 Chef's Silicone Basting Brush 13
    2230 Classic Batter Bowl 6
    2495 Can Strainer 5
    1913 Season's Best® Recipe Collection 5
    1659 Small Mix 'N Scraper® 5
    2651 Twixit! Clip Combo Pack 4
    2583 Mix 'N Chop 4
    2042 Bamboo Spatula Set 4
    1277 Rotary Grater 4
    2904 My Safe Cutter 3
  24. Sadly I don't own it yet so no, I don't take one to my shows. But I just ordered some bamboo and I'm SO excited about taking that to my shows.
  25. chefjeanine

    chefjeanine Gold Member

    Even with all the many 30-minute chicken shows I've done, I don't think I've sold one of these outright.

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