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What will the new Fall products be?

Discussion in 'Chef's Lounge' started by Brenda.the.chef, May 30, 2012.

  1. Brenda.the.chef

    Brenda.the.chef Gold Member

    I think it's time we start guessing or wishing what the new products will be! Any ideas?

    I've got to say I'm excited about the SAT this time around because I already have a solid July including a fundraiser for a county commissioner. I'd like to earn more than the minimal or nothing as I've done in the past.
  2. I want a nylon mini serving spatula, especially for the brownie pan.
  3. chefheidi2003

    chefheidi2003 Gold Member

    Great idea..I also want a lid for the MFP.
  4. Brenda.the.chef

    Brenda.the.chef Gold Member

    I'd like to see a pasta cooking insert for the stockpot.
    Once again, I'll add that I'd also like an insert for the loaf pan for meatloaf. Just lift it out of the grease.
  5. Forgot about that - yes!
  6. Shari in TX

    Shari in TX Gold Member

    I just said this the other day! The mini spatula would be the perfect size for the brownie pan, but I don't want to scrape my pan up. In the meantime, I'm using the citrus peeler to gently loosen the food from the pan and then I stick it in a corner of each well and pop the food out. It works great for now. But I'll keep my fingers crossed for a nylon mini spatula.

    Shari in TX
  7. The brown pan scrapers work perfectly- exact size of the brownies. They just need a handle!
  8. Brenda.the.chef

    Brenda.the.chef Gold Member

    The brown pan scrapers do work great for things like brownies, but mini lasagnas, not so much! Very Messy! I've been using my classic scraper! lol

    I would also like a decent set of chef tools. These nylon ones are not as sturdy as I would prefer
  9. how about a forged cutlery knife sharpener? I'd like that!
  10. BethCooks4U

    BethCooks4U Gold Member

    Chef tools ok but please not so top heavy. The ones we had looked very nice but they were always falling out of the pan/spoon rest... because the handle part was so much heavier than the spoon/spatula part.
  11. Brenda.the.chef

    Brenda.the.chef Gold Member

    I agree.. I HATED the old ones. I thought they were too long too.
  12. wadesgirl

    wadesgirl Gold Member

    I still want a cookbook stand!
  13. What about utensils? They would be a nice companion to the Simple Additions. I am a new consultant and I have had two different people ask me for everyday utensils - so I'm not the only one!
  14. lt1jane

    lt1jane Gold Member

    a larger spoon rest. Last spring someone posted a pic of one similiar to ours, but it was wiser and could fit TWO utensils!!

    and a better cheese cutter. Ours is great for hard cheeses, but not so great for softer cheeses. I would love a wire one either like the old one from years ago or a wire on a board (with a ruler) so we can get slices all the same thickness.

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    Last edited: May 30, 2012
  15. I wish they had a nylon fork for use in the Cookware. My MIL uses a fork to turn her small meat, etc and has asked for it.
  16. Brenda.the.chef

    Brenda.the.chef Gold Member

    I saw this groovy tool at a cooking show I did. Of course I snapped a picture of it and sent it to HO as a suggestion in February. Let's see if I can attach my photo.

    salad tongs.jpg
  17. I have aPC nylon fork. Maybe they could bring it back
  18. babywings76

    babywings76 Gold Member

    Sometimes I just wonder what more can they come up with?! :D We don't seem to discontinue very many things, too, so our catalog just gets thicker and thicker! :)

    I wish we had a better meat thermometer, a pasta insert for a stockpot, a better lid design for the Measure, Mix & Pour, and a new design on the batter bowl so that they can stack better.

    A binder to put all the SB's in would be nice, too.

    A new and improved line of Chef's Tools.
  19. Brenda.the.chef

    Brenda.the.chef Gold Member

    Of course, during my lunch break I went shopping for kitchen gadgets and saw a few cool things:

    Food Mill/Ricer
    Utensil rack
    Drawer organizer
    Update our egg slicer to an egg slicer/chopper (2 blades, 1 that turns a 1/4 turn)
    Rolling pin
    Utensils that clip to pan (like Rachel Ray's line)
    Canisters... possibly bamboo to keep with the adding something bamboo each season.
    Toast Tongs
    Bottle opener
    Wine Bottle Stopper (yeah, like I'd ever need that!)
  20. yankeeinontario

    yankeeinontario Silver Member

    I'd love to see the apple corer/slicer improved with a base like the rest of our line. ;)
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  21. Tracy99

    Tracy99 Gold Member

    I was just telling someone pc needs canisters. Bamboo would look nice
  22. You know Brenda, we have a wine bottle stopper-the dripless pourer/stopper. Works fabulously!

    I do like the canister idea, but would like them in line with the leakproof containers so you can see what's in them.

    What the hell is a "mortar/pestal"??? Sounds like something to either repair drywall with or make gun powder.
  23. lt1jane

    lt1jane Gold Member

    look up "pharmacy" they're used in pharmacies to crush pills and make special order medications (meds not commercially available) They have gained in popularity in kitchens because they work great to crush herbs and spices for cooking.

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  24. Brenda.the.chef

    Brenda.the.chef Gold Member

    I didn't realize it was a stopper too... shows you what I know! I believe I even have one, but have never used it! lol

    I've had several people (ok, like 3 people) ask for the mortar/pestal. It's great for crushing fresh herbs. It also can turn veggies into a paste. I can say that I probably would never use one, but I've been asked if we carry them.
  25. Becca_in_MD

    Becca_in_MD Gold Member

    For several years, whenever they do the new product intro at conference/launch, I see stainless canisters on the counter and think they they finally came out with some. But, nope, never have. I could see bamboo ones to match the knife block set but would hope they have a liner insert.

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