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Super Swat

Discussion in 'Products and Tips' started by KellyTheChef, Apr 7, 2007.

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  1. KellyTheChef

    KellyTheChef Gold Member

    I just received all TEN of the Super Swats that I ordered. None of them have tweezers! Even on the care card, it says flyswatter with dustpan, TWEEZERS and adhesive hook!

    Did anyone else order these off the outlet? Did YOU get tweezers?
  2. I was going to order them. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. chefjeanine

    chefjeanine Gold Member

    You are going to call and complain, aren't you?!?
  4. Do you know that the tweezers is part of the top?
  5. I just went to get mine from the other room. It is the grey part on top that you can pull out.
  6. smarteez2

    smarteez2 Gold Member

    Yes the handle is black....

    And the tweezers are grey and slide down into the handle of the super swat. Just double check and let us know. :)
  7. KellyTheChef

    KellyTheChef Gold Member



    I was looking up and down them. thinking they'd be clipped somewhere on there. Never even thought to look at the top! It just looks like it is part of the handle...pull on the top though, and out come the tweezers!

    Thanks ladies!!!!!!!!
  8. I'm glad you posted Kelly, at least you are among friends here!!!!!!!!! Now at least you don't have to call HO on this on Monday!

    Now, if it would only warm up a bit to have to use them!
  9. ivykeep

    ivykeep Gold Member

    I didn't read all the way through and was furiously scrambling to check my super swats (I did know it was part of the top since I bought one at full price years ago).

    Glad to know you got them complete!
  10. ivykeep

    ivykeep Gold Member

    I have a problem with pantry moths (grrr!) -- everything is stored in sealed plastic containers and we have moth traps everywhere, yet still they persist (I keep finding them dead in the bottom of my pots and pans) so my super swat has been getting a work out for the past two months (we have SIGNIFICANTLY decreased them, but still kill 3 or 4 a day). I just bought 4 super swats off the outlet (one for the family room and the others as show prizes or host gifts).
  11. raebates

    raebates CS Leader Staff Member

    That tweezer set in the handle surprised lots of people. Don't worry, Kelly. I got calls from more than one customer because HO "forgot to send the tweezers."
  12. KellyTheChef

    KellyTheChef Gold Member

    Thanks for trying to cheer me up Rae! I may look blonde, but normally I don't "act" like one!:p
  13. dannyzmom

    dannyzmom Gold Member

    Bahahahah -- yup, she's blonde ;)
  14. At least I'll know not to have one of those moments when mine comes! I can only imagine if I hadn't read this thread what HO would have thought about me!
  15. GourmetGirl

    GourmetGirl Silver Member

    I'm frusterated because according to FedEx my 10 SuperSwats have been sitting on the FedEx truck since before 8am on Saturday morning!!! Now I would have been okay with that if I came home from work today and the box was at my door... nope, nothing... checked the website and it still says on truck for delivery... argh! So much for my Easter present for my Dad!
  16. chefjeanine

    chefjeanine Gold Member

    Didn't I read somewhere that the service we have means they only deliver our packages Tuesday - Saturday?
  17. raebates

    raebates CS Leader Staff Member

    So, Alison, will you be tempted to open that package right up and "swat" the FedEx driver? [​IMG]

    Resist that urge! I'm not sure you'd be able to access CS from your jail cell. [​IMG]
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