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  1. I am curious, which recipes are you favorite to do on Stoneware at a Show? (oven, freezer, or microwave recipes)......
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    I like doing the rings/braids/wreaths myself - they always seem to go over well at show - have that wow factor and taste great as well! That way you can show off the round stone or the large bar pan or rectangle stone. I know a lot of consultants have had great success with the DCB with the 30minute chicken and 10 minute tenderloin. And using stoneware in January is a great way to make everyone want to have it (since it's on sale too!)
  3. I made the Warm Carmel Brownies at a few shows this year and really loved it!
    It's such an easy recipe that looks fancy and people love it!

    I'm also planning on showing the Jerk Chicken Nachos and 20-Min Ribs in Jan shows for Super Bowl party ideas
  4. I always do a ring. The guest are always impressed with the ring because it looks good (like you did more work than you actually did), and whatever ring recipe you use it always taste great. The guest alway eat my rings all up. I tried doing a wreath once (at home, not at a show) and it came out to doughy. Maybe I didn't put it together right, but it just didn't work out for me. But the ring is always a hit, and it helps me sell lots of stoneware.
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    And after showcasing the rings - I tend to sell a lot of the All the Best cookbooks - my highest selling cookbook.
  6. I like the beef enchilada casserole in the 29 Min to Dinner - Do it all in the mico - brown meat in micro cooker assemble then micro DCB.

    I also like cakes in the fluted stone... I haven't done any in a while though.
  7. fluted stoneware

    Do you put it in the oven or microwave?
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    Stoneware Sales = $

    Microwave, then use top stoneware seller Sondra Verva's words about stoneware being "a size and a shape". attached are some of documents she has shared. Cross sell each piece to doing SEVERAL jobs and you will sell multiples at each show.

    And, use the spritzer (along with Spritzer Secret...burp it each time after use, releasing pressure or the seal wears out) as an awesome $10 add-on sale.

    God Bless You!

    -praying for Paige and her family-

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  9. thank you

    these are great ideas and tips!....thank you. I am going to use them at my Stoneware Class...
  10. I do both. In the micro I think it takes around 10 minutes. Super quick and impresses everyone!
  11. Micro, Freezer, Oven?

    What do you guys suggest for doing a recipe in each: Microwave, Oven, and Freezer?
  12. I'm not trying to stray, and in my mind it is related...The cran-almond crunch bark required the stone be in the freezer so the bark would set up faster (worked great by the way).
    So that got me thinking (I know scary thought:eek: )...if I were power cooking and needed to flash freeze meat (for instance breaded chicken) so all I would need to do is thaw and then cook the meat...
    If the stone were in the freezer and very chilled, then I put the meat on it (or on top of parchment paper and then on the stone) and back into the freezer to freeze so I could place in a zip-lock for future use, would the process of freezing speed up?

    Anyone know?
  13. Lasagna for the freezer!
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    Hi everyone

    Ive recently joined Pampered Chef in UK and I would love it if you could give me some hints on how to host parties - what has worked for you - recipes - basically anything you think may help me.

    Thank you
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    I know this is an old thread, but was wondering if there is a file that focuses on rings?
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    Check under the Recipe Thread and you'll find a sticky named Recipes by Product. Then check under round or rect. stones and see if one is there.
    Also in the All The Best Cookbook they have pictures and instructions for making the ring, wreath and braid. Then there are recipes that are interchangable with any of the braiding styles.

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