Soup and Slippers Show

Discussion in 'Theme Shows' started by gbakes27, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. gbakes27

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    Has anyone done one of these? What did you do exactly?
  2. Nanisu

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    I do them every January. I have everyone wear their cutest slippers, and I do a soup, garlic bites, and an easy dessert--brownie banana bites or an easy trifle. Prizes go to the cutest and the ugliest slippers. I have 12 shows booked for January. Soups are usually baked potato, chicken torilla, or the white chicken chili.
  3. gbakes27

    gbakes27 Gold Member

    do your hosts provide all the ingredients? Do you prepare some and bring it to the show? It seems like three things would take a lot of time to prepare at a show.
  4. Nanisu

    Nanisu Gold Member

    No the host provides it. Most soups take less than 20 min to make/cook....I start the Garlic bites in the oven, do the soup prep, while it is cooking i throw together the dessert, it all lands at the same time. If I do the banana brownie bites I pre-bake the brownies and the host replaces them is the only difference.
  5. lt1jane

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    My director does these. She also gives a door prize to the wildest pair of slippers. It's no fun if everyone has plain slippers!! I think she just makes the soup as the demo. I highly recommend the Loaded Baked Potato Chowder. The soup itself is fairly plain and everyone can add the toppings they want.
  6. HI Nancy- I was wondering if you'd be willing to share your recipe for the chicken tortilla soup? I just a host call and that's exactly what she wants but I'm not finding a recipe anywhere... thanks!

  7. Could I get you chicken tortilla soup and a baked potato soup. this is an awesome Idea
  8. ChefBeckyD

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    The Chicken Tortilla Soup is part of the Power Cooking - Chicken Theme. If you go to CC and look under Products and Recipes, and then Theme Cooking Shows, you'll find it. It's very good!
  9. I was going to do the beer bread in the loaf pan since it's a January guest special with the soup and slippers show.
  10. annmarie8191

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    Anyone have clever categories for the slipper contest? I want to give out a few different prizes at my show...thanks!
  11. I don't do categories. I just give everyone two slips of paper and tell them to vote for their two favorites. Then I tally them up and the top 3 get prizes (if there's a lot of people)
  12. How do you make sure that the host spreads the word to the guests about the slippers and the "competition"?
  13. I am doing a show next week with soup and would love to add the garlic bites. Where can I find that recipe?
  14. Found this from an earlier thread...I've made them and they're yummy!

    1 can of grands biscuits - any kind, 8 count
    1-2 cloves of garlic
    Parmesan Cheese to grate
    1 Tbls. Italian Seasoning Mix
    1/2 stick of butter

    Preheat oven to 350. Melt butter in 10" saute pan (can use 8" too) press garlic into pan. Using Microplane grater, grate in cheese to cover bottom of pan, sprinkle on seasoning. Cut biscuits into quarters, and toss in pan with butter mixture to coat. Bake for 15-18 minutes - until golden on top.
  15. What do you bake them in? The bread pan?

    Years ago I had a PC party and the consultant made some sort of garlic cheese bread in the stoneware bread pan using canned biscuits. Anybody have that recipe?
  16. Does anyone have an invitation they've used?
  17. I'm curious too, Kristen; do you cook the garlic bites in the sauté pan, or transfer to the bar pan?

    Please join us
    For a very special evening of
    Food, Friends, Fun & Fashion!
    Fluffy Foot Fashion that is!
    You are invited to a
    “Soup and Slippers”
    Pampered Chef Party!

    At the Home of:

    Date: Time:

    This show is all about comfort – including foods
    like hot homemade soup and warm crusty bread!

    *Bring a guest who loves Pampered Chef and get a gift!
    **Everyone wearing slippers will receive a free gift!
    A vote will be taken for everyone’s favorite slippers and that person will win a “souper” special prize!

    Our consultant is:
    Visit her website to preview the catalog: Page Not Found
  19. I will say, these have been a HUGE hit for me. At my last s&s show, we had quite the slipper turnout! Packers slippers, bear slippers, bunny slippers, kermit the frog slippers, Redskin slippers, Sponge Bob slippers, and so many more! Awarding the winner was REALLY hard- let a non-slipper wearer pick!
  20. ejleinenbach

    ejleinenbach Gold Member

    Here is the invitation I use for my Soup and Slipper shows.

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  21. LOVE it, thanks! Am doing it on Presidents' Day!

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