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Discussion in 'Bookings' started by K_Jurich, Aug 1, 2008.

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  1. Anyone know when the will update CC and post the host specials for September and October? I have a show tonight and would really like to print the upcoming specials to have. Anyone know? ? ?
  2. ChefBeckyD

    ChefBeckyD Gold Member

    Have you gotten your changeover kit?

    The specials are in the Special Addition Consultant News in there!
  3. MissChef

    MissChef Gold Member

    The F/W SE Consultant Newsletter will post on the web today, so that no doubt means that the host specials section will update too!
  4. Yes I did but I was tyring to print more for my hostess packets
  5. pcchefjane

    pcchefjane Gold Member

    Check out under "Files" here. There is several different Sept/Oct postings there with the specials!
  6. On Consultant's Corner now!
  7. DessertDivaFL

    DessertDivaFL Gold Member

    Ugh! :rolleyes: You bet me, Ginny! Love the flyers, don't you?
  8. c00p

    c00p Gold Member

    I'm attaching the September host/guest specials on 1 page, but I'm not including the breakdown of the prices on the items - just the specials. I'll do Oct. in a little while unless someone else does it first.

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  9. c00p

    c00p Gold Member's October as well. Same thing - I didn't include the breakdown of the host prices.

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  10. pcchefjane

    pcchefjane Gold Member

    Bless you Andrea!:angel: I am so excited to have these! :love:My DD says it is much cheaper to print it this way too...doesn't take near as much ink to do the one pager vs 1 page for each special!:chef:
  11. c00p

    c00p Gold Member

    Glad you liked it. I definetely prefer printing them both on 1 page...saves on ink and paper.
  12. So what's the Booking Benefit for Sept. and Oct.? Surely the host they booked from doesn't get 60% off a set of cookware, do they?

    Good heavens. I want me some cookware.
  13. GourmetGirl

    GourmetGirl Silver Member

    They do indeed get 60% off one piece or a set of cookware! Isn't it great?!?! What is even better is for the Sept host, as the purchase of the booking benefit counts towards their numbers (not our sales though), so if the past host buys a set of cookware they get booted up to the next level! It happened to one of my shows last year - she was so happy!
  14. Yowsers! That's amazing!
  15. While we're on the subject....does the host that got booked from get to purchase 2 sets is the current host's show goes above the $500 mark? or is it just limited to 1?
  16. NM, just got the answer....apparently I need new reading glasses as I've never read the fine print LOL :blushing:
  17. Addie4TLC

    Addie4TLC Silver Member

    Is there a Sept-Nov Flier out yet?
  18. Addie4TLC

    Addie4TLC Silver Member

    Has anyone posted a multiple Host/Guest special flier yet? I did a search but it might be on a different thread. Thank you in advance.
  19. kam

    kam CS Leader Staff Member

    Here's mine that I use:

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  20. Addie4TLC

    Addie4TLC Silver Member

    Wonderful, thank you!!! For these months it's not necessary to have the codes on there since the discount is on a variety of items.
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