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Discussion in 'Quick Tips' started by melindagilbert, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone have a Fall/Winter 2009 Queen of the Shoppers Game, they can share, I have looked everywhere. Thanks
  2. kdangel518

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    Can someone give me an overview of how this game works? I've heard it quite a bit on CS but know nothing else of it! Tia!
  3. I love this game! Its a riddle that you read out, so to start you have a product, I like to use a Seasons Best or I like to hide a piece of paper in an envelope with free shipping or $5 off your purchase so its more exciting. It starts with the person who arrived to the show first. and as you read the riddle and stop at the product the guest have to find that product in the catalog. and whoever finds the product gets the prize. I find it just a great game bc I have a catalog too, and when the person finds the product I also talk about what eles in on the same page, it gets a lot of products out there is one simple fun game! It changes between the Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter to accommodate the new products. So.. if anyone has a Fall/Winter one I would greatly appreciate it :)
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    There's another thread on this subject currently going on - you may want to refer to that one.
  5. Look under increasing sales.
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