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Queen of Shoppers S/S 2012?

Discussion in 'Increasing Sales' started by frozenchef, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. frozenchef

    frozenchef Gold Member

    Any clever folks out there made one up yet? :D

    I've been working on doing Wedding Registry cards and cramming 7 shows in 10 days before March hits. Plus, I just don't think I'm very good at the whole rhyming thing...I did however, realize at my show last night that I had completely memorized the F/W one - wow!
  2. I gave it a try! Here's what I have BUT I have not done the page search in the catalog so anyone who'd like to can help with that.


    Let’s play a game, with a gift I will part. If you were the first to arrive, that’s where it will start.

    Summertime parties need a cool & refreshing fix so try our brand new line of Margarita & Mojito Mix.

    Grilling chicken & sides, you’ve never been bolder than when you’ll grill them in the New BBQ Roasting Pan & Can Holder.

    Individualized treats, pies, and snacks will bring you lots of fans; check out our new bakeware – brownie, mini pie & tart pans.

    Salads & fruits & punch will all stay cool so be alert & keep your eyes out for our new salad & berry spinner’s Cooling Insert.

    The Pampered Chef is not just about cooking, as it seems. Our consultant opportunity makes reality of your dreams. Find our New Consultant Business Opportunity Pages.

    Pizza in or out-yes you can! With our new BBQ Pizza Pan!

    In lemonade, teas, & beverages, stews and stocks you’ll use ‘er – our fabulous new Herb Infuser.

    Our wedger collection has a new selection of which you’ll want to shout, not mutter- It’s Our New French Fry Cutter!

    The beauty of bamboo now has a piece that’s handy – our New Sink Caddy.

    For drinks you’ll have endless refills, with our new Double Wall Tumbler you won’t worry about spills.

    BBQed Baked Potatoes – how’d you do that? With our new BBQ Vegetable Rack!

    Find our newest addition to stoneware; if you need smaller portions, sides, & such you’ll be a taker, when you see our new Round Covered Baker.

    Check out our new, more durable selection of our Simple Additions Dish Collection.

    Now the Queen of Shoppers wins the test when you find our new Season’s Best!
  3. That's awesome!! Thank you so much!!!
  4. Just discovered the page numbers are in the product guide! Any one who's done this before, are these all correct or are there additional pages I should be looking for?
  5. priseortega

    priseortega Gold Member

    How does the game work?
  6. I do this towards the beginning of my shows (first do intro's, pass around Thank You note for host so guests can sign, then do "My Story", then hand out packets w/catalogs,among other things.

    I say, "Now we're going to play a game so we can all get acquainted with our new catalog and many of our new products. And, of course, I'll be giving a prize away so everyone will want to participate!"

    Then read the Queen of Shoppers poem one at a time (guests look for that item in the catalog). Personally, I give a S/B as the prize so I hand it to person #1, who was first to arrive. Whoever finds the pages first for each rhyme the s/b gets passed to that person. The last rhyme is the person who's dubbed "Queen of Shoppers" cuz they found the s/b in the catalog first and thus gets to keep the s/b.
  7. priseortega

    priseortega Gold Member

  8. dannyzmom

    dannyzmom Gold Member

    Can someone PLEEEEEEEEEEASE email me this version of Queen of Shoppers? My cut & paste feature isn't working for some reason, so I can't save it to my docs. I will do the page #s in the next day or two and repost it for you guys!
  9. So this is going to be horrible but where is the margarita and Mojito Mix???
  10. Pg. 17 of the new catalog
  11. esavvymom

    esavvymom CS Leader Staff Member

    Here is pchockeymom's SS2012 in a Document format:

    Attached Files:

  12. cheflorraine

    cheflorraine Gold Member

    We don't have the Margarita Mix in Canada... you aren't blind not to see it! :)
  13. frozenchef

    frozenchef Gold Member

  14. Thank you ladies! I used this game during some fall shows and it was a huge hit! :)
  15. Ok, so I'm new to this. Do you read the name of the product or do you just end with, "Salads & fruits & punch will all stay cool so be alert & keep your eyes out for our new_________________" and let them guess what the product is? And what page it is one? Thanks!
  16. frozenchef

    frozenchef Gold Member

    You could do that, but the idea with this one is to say the product and have them find the page number it's on so they can see it in there and learn more about it.
  17. Got it. Thank you.
  18. Tracy99

    Tracy99 Gold Member

    you could give the pg number and not the name. I have never done that before but I think it would have similar affect.
  19. so you are using the prize as the way to track who is winning, as opposed to using tickets or such, correct?
  20. frozenchef

    frozenchef Gold Member

    I have them pass the prize for each rhyme to whoever guesses the page and whoever has it at the end, gets to keep it.
  21. awesome, thanks!! I'm going to try this out at my next show!!

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