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Pics from my 1st vendor fair

Discussion in 'Booths, Fairs and Festivals' started by newbieconsultant, Apr 11, 2010.

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  1. I had my 1st vendor fair today with 15 other vendors from Silpada Jewelry, Avon, Tastefully Simple, Longaberger Baskets and more. I think I did OK. It cost $50. But I got 3 bookings and 6 other potential leads. Not to mention the many people who took an old catalog and business card and seemed likely to go to my website to order. I thought i would get more but hopefully those will lead to other contacts. I also sold $77.50 in products.

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  2. More pics...

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  3. gailz2

    gailz2 Gold Member

    Very nice! That is great you got 3 bookings--that alone will pay your cost! I also like your "benefits of hosting" items (not to mention the yummy looking treats!)
  4. Nice job...chris
  5. AJPratt

    AJPratt Silver Member

    WOW!! Looks great!
  6. Sheila

    Sheila Gold Member

  7. Chris this looks great. I would like to ask what you have in your binder?
  8. Thanks! I have flyers for april, may and june host and guest specials, as well as packages like the DCB, grill packages, and wedding registry info.
  9. I'm doing my first booth this weekend with my director and then one on my own the following weekend. I love that you had a positive response and hope to have good news of my own to share very soon.
  10. I got many ideas from everyone here as well as pics of tri-folds which helped so much! I stood in front of my table and handed out recipe cards and mini catalogs offering registration for a free cooking show and if they booked today I would throw in a free cookbook or $15 in free product. That's how I got my bookings.
  11. wingsey1

    wingsey1 Gold Member

    Chris, Nice display, I have been doing fairs/booths for years, and I must say, you are brave to have food out, when I do people walk up and start grabbing food, even when I have a sign post that the food is for display only, and when I say something that is is for display, they still take it. Did you have this problem. But I love the board and the cost of your booth is a terrific price for how much space you got and that is great on the booking and leads you received!
  12. I didn't mind if people took the food. I had more if I needed it. I just wanted to display what i could using food. I did flowers in the trifle bowl. I think it made everything look nicer although I didn't get anyone to buy anything that had food on it =) Oh well! Its nice to hear that it was worth it from someone who has been doing this for years. Thank you!
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