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Party Games

Discussion in 'Theme Shows' started by rhonda4554, Feb 17, 2005.

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  1. rhonda4554

    rhonda4554 Guest

    I am looking for new ways to make my shows more fun and different and interesting. Does anyone have any games or the like that they do to get the guests involved and laughing so it seems more like a party than a demonstration? I remember a consultant that presented a few shows at my house a few years ago and had all the guests get into 2 groups and then she would tell a story that had the words "Right" and "Left" in it and when she read those words whoever had the quikut paring knife had to pass it to the person on that side and whoever was left with the knife got to keep it as the door prize. Unfortunately she is no longer a consultant and I cannot get in touch with her. Does anyone have anything like that that they are willing to share? Thanks in advance for sharing!!
  2. Shawnna

    Shawnna Gold Member

    You could have a door prize (in a bag, so they don't know what it is) and if it is a theme show have them pass the bag to the left every time you said a certain word. ("every time I say "chocolate" pass the bag to the person on your right")

    I say a game the other day that the consultant called "poker". She took a deck of cards and if the customer asked about a product, she gave them 1 card. If the customer asked about the business opportunity, she gave them 2 cards. At the end of 5 or 10 minutes the customer with the best poker hand won the prize. I was attending an Arbonne party, but this could be adapted to any type of party. You could even give cards to anyone who books a show.

    When I am demonstrating stoneware, I will tell about the stones, (food cooks more evenly, they are guaranteed for 3 years, etc) making sure I tell them 10 things from the "reasons to own a stone" information. Then after the demo, I ask them to list the top 10 reasons for owning a stone. The customer with the most correct answers win the prize.

    I would love to have any other party suggestions anyone has.

    Shawnna Nixon
  3. I have a game that I play with the guests that another consultant passed on to me. I've used it several times and everyone seems to LOVE it! I take 2 pieces of paper and on one sheet I write "Love it, Have it!" and on the other sheet I write "Love it, Want it!" Before I begin my food demo, I explain to the guests that we are gonna play a little game. While doing my demo, as I touch the product to use it,the guests are supposed to yell out weither they "Love it, Have it" or "Love it, Want it". And then I tell them so "Head's up!" I begin my demo just as I would normally and the guests yell out "Pizza Cutter, Love it, Have it!" OR "Love it, want it"! Then I ask "Why?". TAfter they answer, I throw them a marshmellow. This gives the guest the opportunity to "sell" the products for you. They love the competition, and try to fight over the quickest answers. At the end of the demo, I ask them to count their marshmellows, and whoever has the most gets a small prize. I have a lot of fun with this game, because I dont have to remember all of the selling points of a product. The other guests remember it all for me. And if there is something I want to add as far as another benefit of the product, I just do that while Im throwing the marshmellow. I hope this makes sense!

  4. games

    :) I am a new consultant, in fact I haven't even had my first show yet, but I have gone to a lot of other shows were consultants play games. And one of the games is played by you bringing your timer with you to your show and you put it on for 2-5 min. And you talk about products, hosting a show, or/and even recruiting. Everyone participates by asking questions about any of it. And whoever asks the last question before the time runs out wins the door prize of our choice. (When the person asks the question of course you will answer them, make sure when you answer its short and sweet).
    Hope this makes sense!

  5. PC games

    I have a couple of games I received from cluster meetings.....they are fun and the guests like them :cool:
  6. retry to attach games

    Can't seem to attach the games....I have 2 pass the bag around games. Would be happy to send them to anyone :)
  7. I found this website www.homepartyplannetwork.com. It has alot of great games on it. It also has lots of booking tips, theme shows, and so much more. It's not just for PC but it has alot of great suggestions! Hope this helps!
  8. dannyzmom

    dannyzmom Gold Member

    I am attaching some fo the games I play at my shows:

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  9. OMGoodness.... it's sure nice to know that my old PORTRAIT OF MOM game is still floating around after all these years, complete with the graphic!!

    Too funny!! :p

    This was such a hit @ a PC Mother's Day Tea that I did it up for originally. This has to go back at least 3 years ago....

    Take care & Lord Bless ><>,

    Marian Winans -YOUR Kitchen Consultant for The Pampered Chef® since Nov.-99
    Downey, CA
    Visit My Website @ www.PamperedChef.biz/marianskitchenkorner
  10. Ice Breaker

    I do love the Portrait of a Mom Game!! Thanks!!

    Here's a simple one that is an ice breaker and fun! The guests each get a balloon, have to blow it up, tie it, sit on it and pop it. The first one to pop it wins!! Everybody looks silly and it is a nice ice breaker. It sounds childish, but all the guests were up for it, and it set a fun, relaxed mood for all. I just give a bag with a Season's Best and a small inexpensive gift. Total cost 1.50 max...look on the guests faces while playing...PRICELESS!
  11. bbauman07

    bbauman07 Gold Member

    Game with no Name

    I am a newbie and am working on making a game folder for myself. I found the riddle cards already made in the Files section I am using those for half of the game and I made up "Bonus Cards" to go with. I will use the cards that say Bonus Card for things like knowing additional info of the product they were just guessing, or for asking questions, ect. Then who ever has the most cards at the end of the game wins a prize. I cut out the cards and glued them to construction paper. I thought this would be a good way to fill in cook time for the recipe. I have not used this game yet but it looks like alot of fun.

    I also found a e-book full of free games on www.partyplancompanies.com it's about 40 pages long but is full of game ideas.
    I am trying to get my hands on as many game and theme show ideas as I can I am putting together a Theme Show Binder with each theme show name put below it a quick line with a couple recipe ideas (that I can make with my kit) and games. Hoping to build bookings this way.

    Would love any other ideas anyone might have.

    Hope this helps a little.

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  12. Games

    I found a couple of games and want to try them at some of my upcoming shows. The point game is just another version of the other point games I've seen. I am looking forward to some fun shows in the future.

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  13. House Warming Show

    I am hosting a house warming show soon and need some great, fun game ideas. Can anyone help me ....please! :confused:
  14. I have attached a couple of games if you are interested. They aren't housewarming games necessarily but you can change them to fit in your show. There are also several games you can find under the "Files" link on this website.
  15. Sorry, I forgot to attach the games. Here you go.

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  16. Here's what I have started using at the beginning of my shows in place of a game. I have each guest read one line and then throw them a hershey kiss for participating. I ask each guest to read their line with energy and excitment and I usually chime in with my favorite store, etc. Hope you find it useful.

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  17. I really like this idea! Thanks for sharing...
    One question: What has been your guest response to this?
  18. Thats a cool way of getting people to think about hosting a show. I hope you don't mind if I use it at my next show as I've been told by the host there are a couple people on the line about whether to host a show or not. Thanks!
  19. Newest Game

    Before my show I hide an Oppurtunity Brochure in one catalog and a Host Benefit flyer in another. Whoever has these are then "tested" over the material. OB-What are 3 ways to earn product as PC consultant? HF-What are 4 ways to save as a host? Gets people involved and for helping they get a cake tester! I've tried this at my last couple of shows and it turned out great! In 1 show I had 2 recruit leads and 5 bookings!
  20. No problem! Actually, my response has been excellent! The first time I received 2 bookings, 2nd time 2 bookings and tonight 3 bookings! I really think it helps give all guests a mental picture of what all they can get as benefits. Also, it helps with having the guests reading out loud so you know they are paying attention.
  21. Not at all! I actually got it from a gal in my cluster who is very successful with bookings and recruiting. So when she suggested this I thought I'd give it a try! I really hope you like it! Let me know how it goes! Good luck!
  22. This is off the subject of games but attached is another flyer I use in my booking binders and I go over this right after we play the "Lets Go Shopping Game" I think this helps even more with the mental picure.

    This flyer too came from a gal in my cluster!

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  23. You have entered some awesome games. I hope to be using one of them this weekend.
  24. dannyzmom

    dannyzmom Gold Member

    This file needs to be totally adjusted to reflect the price of the new Consultant Kit...anyone good with numbers? I am not - LOL
  25. Can anyone add some details on the "Nasty" game?? :p

    What would be good things for the guests to bring??
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