"Old Catalog,call me for new" sticker?!

Discussion in 'Bookings' started by ChefBurke, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. ChefBurke

    ChefBurke Silver Member

    I have heard of people on here placing a label sticker on old cattys & minis with a cute saying somehting about this is old but..blabla cannot rmemeber... could someone post it???? THANKS!!!!
  2. Got this off here a long time ago....

    Though the date on this catalog may be old,
    Just look inside and you’ll be sold…
    Many great products you will see
    Call me to learn how to get some FREE!!

    Call me for a new catalog!
    “Your Info”

  3. ChefBurke

    ChefBurke Silver Member

    thanks!!!! anyone have anyothers for like a mini?
  4. Check the flyers section. I put the "though this catalog may be old" on there last week or weekend.
  5. luvs2cook

    luvs2cook Guest

    Old Catalog Label

    Here's what I use. Please change Consultant info...Thanks, Jane

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  6. dannyzmom

    dannyzmom Gold Member

    Jane, how were you able to make that short/direct link to your website? I hate that my web addres sis SO long and would love to have one as short as yours!
  7. Same here! Mine is very long! Would love to do it shorter!!
  8. That would be cool, but it's fowarding to the Pampered Chef site from another site...not allowed. :(

    The ban on linking also prohibits the following:

    Listing or linking your Personal Web Site in Internet directories or search engines, such as Google or Yahoo.
    Purchasing or using a separate domain name to re-direct visitors to your Personal Web Site.
    Linking to Consultant’s Corner from any Web site.
    Linking to The Pampered Chef® corporate Web site from any Web site.

    Good idea, though. Wish we could! Just have to keep it legal!
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2007
  9. luvs2cook

    luvs2cook Guest

    After my year is up, I'm canceling it. I didn't mean to break a policy : (
  10. Wait- :confused: I don't understand. What are you canceling?
  11. It's hard to make sure that it's ok or not!

    I wish we had more freedom with some of the advertising that we want to do. I know that the company does have to make rules to protect us all.

    I have thought about doing something similar myself a little while ago, until I checked out the Advertising Guidelines on Consultant's Corner. It's pretty much black and white...and there is alot to read!

    I am sure that you didn't do anything on purpose!! :)

    It's hard to see the upper level directors that have their own Websites with PC info on them and we can't, but it's just one more reason to promote!!:D

    Let's both keep working on it and we'll be there soon, too!
  12. dannyzmom

    dannyzmom Gold Member

    You might want to cancel it now - if HO catches wind of it they could come down quite hard on you - I don't thin kit's worth waiting for your year to be up.
  13. ChefBurke

    ChefBurke Silver Member

    What could HO leagally do to her? besides ask her to cancel it?
  14. dannyzmom

    dannyzmom Gold Member

    They can take away her consultant status if they ask her to remove it and she does not. I had my link inadvertantly posted on a website a few years ago - a friend had thought she was doing me a favor by advertising for me. I got an email from HO basically telling me that if it was not removed within a certain amount of time I could lose my consultant status.
  15. luvs2cook

    luvs2cook Guest

    It's canceled. Thank you : )
  16. Chef Bobby

    Chef Bobby Gold Member

    I belong to a website and under my name I put email me for my website address.

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