Mystery Host Party "Raffle"- Opinion?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm planning to have my own party in February where I raffle off the hostess benefits (like a mystery host) and it will be my first time doing something like this. Two questions:

    1. Is it okay to put the show in my name as the host for online ordering purposes, or will that make the winners' receipts invalid? Should I just handle any adjustments if they happen to have problems? Does it look bad for ta purposes if I have another show in my name (i.e. making it look like I got more stuff than I really did?)

    2. Would you recommend having one GRAND prize (i.e., winner receives the entire host reward of free, discounted, host special, and half price items), or should I break it up into 3-4 rewards?

  2. One more question.. if anyone could weigh in on whether they are more successful with this offering tickets (bring a friend, bring an outside order, etc. giving you extra "chances" to win the host rewards) vs. just a straight "you place an order you have an equal shot to win"?
  3. chef2you

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    It doesn't really mater what name you put in for the show for online purposes. I put "Mystery Host". I think it reminds people ordering that the host could be them! Then in P3, I put the name of the winner as the host/co-host.
    I also divide up the host rewards: a host and a co-host, plus you could have a 3rd for the monthly host special, if you wanted. (It would have to go under the host name and the winner pay for it)
    Absolutely give them multiple ways to get their name entered- attend, order, bring a guest, bring an outside order, book a show, join my team. I give more 'tickets' for booking a show and joining my team. Just some ideas.
  5. chef2you... How do you usually divide the rewards?
  6. Gina M

    Gina M Gold Member

    Here's what I have done for my mystery host shows. I've done 7 of them and they are always a hit. I just do a regular demo and then take orders at the show. I let everyone know that I will pick a winner or two and they will split the host benefits. I wait to pick
    the winners until after my guests have left and then I send out an email to let everyone know who and what they won. My winners are always thrilled and I have many repeat attendees over the years that bring friends to give their friends a shot at freebies!

    My show last year had 2 winners that were people I met that night and one of the winners had a show in the fall to get even more. I put their names in as co-hosts so they will get the rewards and 10% past host discount. Have fun with your show and invite a ton of people. Make it lots of fun for them and you! I also give everyone a season's best and raffle off small prizes during the show as well. Do what you feel comfortable with!
  7. Thanks Gina! Is there a particular reason you wait until after the show to pick the winner? Does that make things easier? I am debating between splitting the rewards between 2 winners at a certain level (say, $600 show) vs. just having one winner. I was also thinking of pulling a winner for the 60% off host special for Feb. separately.. can you give me your opinion on this?
  8. Gina M

    Gina M Gold Member

    I usually wait until after everyone leaves so I can make sure that I have all the orders and then I can decide if I want one or two winners. It's usually chaotic at my own shows and sometimes guests will leave early so I decided this was easier. I usually ask my guests to take a catalog home in case they win so they can figure out their host order. I think that would be fine to choose a separate winner for the host special - just remember whose name it's under in case you have any warranty issues. Good luck! I always have fun at my mystery host shows and have had many happy winners over the years:)
  9. Thanks so much :) I am debating about whether to tell people I will pick 2 winners at, say, the $600 level, or let one winner get a bigger prize.

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