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  1. Hi all,
    I have a customer who want to replace her Mix and Scraper but she can't remember what size she has, reg or small. Is there someplace I can find the dimension of the different sizes so she can measure it? I looked on the product specs and even the guest special flyer for this month and I can't find it anywhere!

  2. esavvymom

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    The "mix n scraper" (#1657) has the longer 8" handle and slightly larger head than the "Small mix n scraper" (#1659), which has a 6.5" long handle.

    I prefer, and as Beth said in the chat box, most women prefer the Small Mix n Scraper because of the slightly smaller size.
  3. DebPC

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    I just measured my heads- all measurements are approx.
    Mix N Scraper is 4" long by 2 3/4 wide
    Small Mix N Scraper is 3.5" long and 2 1/4" wide
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  4. esavvymom

    esavvymom CS Leader Staff Member

    The scraper part I assume....Ijust measured the handle (I was assuming she was just wanting to figure out which one she had....that is how I tell....the handle)
  5. thank you so much! this will help!
  6. DebPC

    DebPC CS Leader Staff Member

    Thanks esavvymom- I've edited my post to reflect that.

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