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Discussion in 'Chef's Lounge' started by cookin to the top, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. cookin to the top

    cookin to the top Gold Member

    Has anyone made muffins in the mini-muffin pan? How long do you bake them? (I have never made muffins or otherwise....any tips would be helpful!) Thanks!!
  2. I made cupcakes and they took around 10 minutes if my memory serves me correctly.
  3. You need to really watch them because they will burn. I have burnt a few batches. Less time then what it calls for.
  4. abaker1

    abaker1 Gold Member

    I do mini muffins in them all the time--Some are done in as little as 7 minutes! They cook fast!! And are the perfect little size!! :)
  5. Don't forget if a recipe calls for 350 for instance to cook it at 325 with our pans. I usually make things in there and only have to bake it for 12 minutes.
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  6. cookin to the top

    cookin to the top Gold Member

    Thank you so much! I am doing mini muffins to go around the base of a princess cake- both of which I have never made before. With your advice, I feel much more confident!
  7. there are some good recipes for the mini muffin pan under the recipe thread.
  8. Brownies are 14 minutes at 325 degrees
  9. You (and others) may benefit of this handy little collection of recipes for that pan. Sorry, I think the gal who created it was Rhonda ____? Thanks Rhonda if you created it...or whoever did!

    If someone knows how to upload this document to the files section...go for it!

    Try the Tuxedo Brownies DIE FOR!

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  10. scottcooks

    scottcooks Gold Member

    You just did. From what I understand, anytime you upload something, the files section is a filter for it. Here is my version of the booklet

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  11. pampermejolene

    pampermejolene Gold Member

    Thanks so much for these!
    I wish it wasn't so hot! I refuse to bake and heat up the house even more when it's this HOT!
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