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  1. Can we still get business cards through Merrill? I have searched and searched and can't find the website or link to Pampered Chef business cards. can somebody please help me out? Thanks!
  2. On consultant's corner, I believe under building your business, there is a link to Merrill...
  3. Sheila

    Sheila Gold Member

    When you sign into Consultant's Corner, hover over "Promoting and Building Your Business", then click on "Licensed Merchandise Vendors". Merrill is the last one. ;)

    And yes. They have the professional business cards.
  4. Thank you both so much... I don't know why that was so hard to find? :)
  5. gailz2

    gailz2 Gold Member

    I agree that it is kind of hard to find--I just ordered some more a few weeks ago and it took me a bit to find it.
  6. lt1jane

    lt1jane Gold Member

    you can't use the logo or the tagline, but I like the quality and price of Vistaprint for business cards. 500 cards thru Merrill will cost you about $35 with shipping. If you catch the right sale, you can get 1000 cards thru Vistaprint for $15-$20 wth shipping. The choice is yours.
  7. Dutchess

    Dutchess Gold Member

    I love Vista Print - I order a ton of stuff and pay the $50 and get free shipping, but got a ton of free stuff. I ordered rack Cards recently that have a list of items for the host to do including 'enjoy your free products" ;)
  8. scottcooks

    scottcooks Gold Member

    The Merrill cards with your personal photo are striking and and their cardstock is thicker than any other business card I've used. They help represent us and our company very well. Some of the thickness and quality is the reason for the higher price.
  9. sharpechef

    sharpechef Gold Member

    I bought mine with the photo last year at Nat Conference as I got the discount from ordering onsite....was better and love the pic, looks more professional. Well worth it!
  10. I am a new consultant and looked on Vista Print for business cards but could not find any nice ones that they were offering - can anyone send me an example that I can use - not sure if I leave my email address here or if you can reply here - learning experince - thank you for your help
  11. scottcooks

    scottcooks Gold Member

    do a search for Vista Print on here and you'll find some examples others have used. Careful not to use TPC logo or tagline as they are trademarked.
  12. Sorry, but I have never ever seen professional looking business cards come from VistaPrint. I think they all feel flimsy and look amateur. I LOVE my business cards from Merrill. I have the ones with the alternating product pictures, but when I go to NC this summer I'll be purchasing the ones with my photo on them.
  13. I use the Vista Print cards and like them a lot. Price is certainly right, quality is good, shipping is fast. They have a dots design that really mimics our dots well.
  14. babywings76

    babywings76 Gold Member

    I bought some from Vista and was disappointed with them. They were okay. Much cheaper and fast delivery. But I was kind of embarrassed to pass them out. The ones from Merrill are so much more "official" looking and so I think they seem more professional. Even though they cost more, I'm going to get them next time.
  15. lt1jane

    lt1jane Gold Member

    someday... When I have a bigger business and no longer have to work my full time job, I will spring for the expensive Merril ones (or maybe HO will finally get us some other vendors we can work through!!). Until then, I do like my VistPrint cards and the price is definitely right. I cannot justify $35 for 500 cards when I got 1000 cards from VistaPrint for half that price.

    They are not as "pretty" as Merrill and I have plain cardstock, not shiny cardstock like Merrill uses, but they work just fine. I am happy with mine. You get what you pay for, but business cards are things that most people throw away. I'm not going to break the bank on a throwaway.
  16. wadesgirl

    wadesgirl Gold Member

    Love love love my Merrill cards. They are so worth the price. I don't have a personal picture on them (I don't take good pictures!) but love the product pictures on them. Currently I attach them to a magnet and hand those out. I've had so many people tell me they love the magnet idea.
  17. PamperedchefDaly

    PamperedchefDaly Gold Member

    I prefer the Vista print cards. I paid extra for upgraded paper, so maybe that's the difference.

    What I DON'T like about Merrill is that you can't have the business cards printed without your home address on them. I'm sorry but I don't feel comfortable giving my home address out to everyone I hand a business card to. And until they change that policy, I WON'T be ordering them from Merrill. :mad:
  18. That is interesting....I agree about the home address. I am a single parent and felt the same way. I did not have ANY trouble ordering mine without my home address. I love them. They are WORTH the $15. Sell one DCB set and you have earned the price difference. Just MHO
  19. Thank you for all your help
  20. ilovpc

    ilovpc Gold Member

    Now I you have the choice of printing biz cards with or without your address through Merrill. I also have biz cards from Vista Print and even though I really like them, I think I am going to order the ones from Merrill. Like others said...they are better quality and look more professional.
  21. My business cards from Merrill don't have my address on them. And I really don't think most people throw them away. Most people who call me say they dug my business card out of their purse or wallet so they could find my number again. I know I, for one, very rarely throw away a business card. (-:
  22. wadesgirl

    wadesgirl Gold Member

    All you have to do is delete the address. It leaves an open spot in that area. I did the same for my catalog stamp before they came out with the new one.
  23. heather223

    heather223 Gold Member

    I have been getting my business cards on Vista print and after seeing another consultant's card from Merrill, my husband said to me that I need to order them because mine look cartoon like. After holding them next to each other, he certainly is right. Going to spend the money to get them from Merrill.

    This is the only question I have: can you opt to have them just put Independent Consultant? My current title is Team Leader.
  24. wadesgirl

    wadesgirl Gold Member

    They will use what ever your current status with PC is.
  25. heather223

    heather223 Gold Member

    Bummer- I should promote to Director soon and would rather they say Independent Director, but I guess it doesn't really matter.

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