Mandoline Cut Meat?

Discussion in 'Products and Tips' started by beepampered, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. Does the Ultimate Mandoline cut meat? Easy or difficult? Thanks.
  2. Huh, never tried that.
    It might work OK on a hunk of soft deli ham or turkey.
    I don't think it would do raw beef very well.

    Why not just try it and let us all know?
  3. janetupnorth

    janetupnorth Gold Member

    The straight blade may but with our holder and guide I would think it would be very difficult. It isn't designed for meat.
  4. pkd09

    pkd09 Future Director Silver Member

    Oh, good question. Inquiring minds want to know.
  5. wadesgirl

    wadesgirl Gold Member

    You would have to be able to fit it in the holder. I don't think it would work so well.
  6. Michelle817

    Michelle817 Silver Member

    At our last meeting, my director shared that she uses hers to slice cooked roast beef. She said it works well. I haven't tried it yet though.
  7. Hadn't thought about the holder. One of my guests a long time ago said she used the US&G for roast beef sandwiches and it was great. Not sure how well it would work.

    Since I don't do big chunks of meat very often (just at holidays), I can't test it. Thanks.
  8. chefshawna

    chefshawna Gold Member

    The only meat I have tried to cut was pepperoni, DID NOT WORK!!!!!!!! The pepperoni was so slick it just slipped over it.
  9. Teresa Lynn

    Teresa Lynn Gold Member

    We use our vario slicer for jerky and we cut it partially frozen.
    If you cut it small enough to fit in that ridiculous food holder or cheat like I do keep the carriage on but not the food holder I think it would work (again for either deli meat or partially frozen)
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