Make Ahead Trifle?

Discussion in 'Recipes and Tips' started by AmaraJ, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. I'm going to bring a trifle already made to my next far ahead can I make it? It would be ideal if I could make it the day before, or at the latest, the early morning of the show....
    I'm leaning towards the Strawberry Cheesecake right now.
  2. I have always made a Death by Chocolate Trifle the DAY OF a show. It would be too mushy to be made the day before.
  3. elizabethfox

    elizabethfox Gold Member

    I have made the Strawberry Trifle the night before and it is still good the next day. Not soggy at all.
  4. sorry - I meant the Death by Chocolate Trifle would be soggy if made the day before.

    I think the Strawberry Trifle would be great! :)
  5. elizabethfox

    elizabethfox Gold Member

    I understood ya! :)
  6. Amara - would you make a salad for a make-ahead trifle - that is always an option too!
  7. KellyTheChef

    KellyTheChef Gold Member


    That is my FAVORITE trifle, and it will do fine if you make it the night before and let it sit!!
  8. I made the Strawberry Creamcheese Trifle and everyone loved it!! I made it the morning of.
  9. Thanks everyone!

    I'm kind of making a lot of food for this one special friend/host, so I wanted to save time and make the trifle ahead.

    I'll probably make it the morning of the show.
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