Lifetime warranty on cookware

Discussion in 'Products and Tips' started by KimoMakano, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. KimoMakano

    KimoMakano Gold Member

    I have a question.
    I have a customer who just placed a good catalog show and bought an Executive Stir Fry Skillet. She says that she has one she got 6 years ago for her bridal shower.
    She asked me if the lifetime warranty covers the issue that it has "lost" it's non-stickiness (sp?). I believe her that it was not mis-used. Is this covered?

    Another problem she has is that she got it as a bridal shower gift and has no receipt and is not sure who the consultant was. We are working on that part but any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. raebates

    raebates CS Leader Staff Member

    Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that the cookware 6 years ago was Generation II, which did not have a lifetime warranty.

    As for the receipt, if she has the name of the host (which might have been listed as her) and the state, the HO should be able to help. It might be easiest if she calls, though. It would save some back and forth calls.
  3. JAE


    Does she know who bought it for her or was it part of the host's order? Was her name used as the host? There's probably not a way to get a replacement if she doesn't know the name on the order for the item. If she does figure out the name on the receipt, do an adjustment. I just did an adjustment through e-mail the other day for the same thing only the 12" Exec Skillet. I also gave the customer "tips" on the proper way to use the cookware just in case.
  4. I'm guessing it was Gen II as well. That had just a 2 year guarantee.
  5. JAE


    The Professional wasn't around 6 years ago? I wasn't in PC 6 years ago due to taking a break, so I don't know when Prof was around.
  6. jbondr

    jbondr Gold Member

    Have the customer look at the bottom of the pan at the impression. I know the Professional Cookware is labeled. I am not sure about the Generation II. I am like everyone else about the timing of the Professional.
  7. trps

    trps Silver Member

    Professional came out in fall 2000
  8. I just did a return with the same problem exactly!! Skillet for six years ago lost its not stick coating. HO sent out a replacement before my customer had even mailed the other one back. As long as you find the receipt info i wouldn't think you would have a problem with the return.
  9. KimoMakano

    KimoMakano Gold Member

    Thanks everyone. I have asked her to check the bottom of the pan. She was the one who mentioned the lifetime warranty so I am thinking either it is the Professional or someone misled her.
    I will keep you posted.
    Thanks again.
  10. esavvymom

    esavvymom CS Leader Staff Member

    Alot of customers incorrectly assume that all of our products have a lifetime warranty. I had a guest think that at a show this weekend.
  11. Intrepid_Chef

    Intrepid_Chef Silver Member

    Executive cookware came out in 2007. I know because fall 07 was my first catalog and professional was being phased out.
  12. PamperedchefDaly

    PamperedchefDaly Gold Member

    Alot of times the guests are chattering amongst themselves and only hear the words "lifetime warranty" when we are talking about forged cutlery or cookware, but that's all they hear. Or perhaps they remember Tupperware from the early days, and figure that since we do home parties too, we would have the same guarantee. I had a guest that wanted to give me her Kitchen Spritzer that no longer worked so that I can exchange it for a new one. It was about 8 years old!
  13. KimoMakano

    KimoMakano Gold Member

    Finally got around to getting to my friend's house to look at the pan.
    Sure enough it doesn't say waht model it is on the bottom.
    All it says is The Pampered Chef and Made in Thailand.
    At this point I am thinking it does NOT have a lifetime warranty.
  14. MLinAZ

    MLinAZ Gold Member

    Does it say "HO" and a number on the bottom? I was told by HO that Gen II was the only line that did not have the name of the line on the bottom of the pans. Not sure that's completely accurate, but that's what I was told.

    I had a host with a broken griddle pan and all it said on the bottoms besides The Pampered Chef was HO97. As soon as I said that the HO rep said that it was Gen II.
  15. Ginger428

    Ginger428 Gold Member

    That is Generation II.... I have the 1 qt. pot from when I started in 05 & thats what it says on the bottom...HTH
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