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I need Cookie Press help!

Discussion in 'Products and Tips' started by DMB75, Nov 18, 2007.

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  1. How in the world do you use the Cookie Press? I got it to make Thanksgiving and Christmas cookies, today's my first day trying to use it and I can't do it. I've put the dough in it and squeeze the trigger twice, but the dough just stays there at the end. How is the dough suppose to come off the cookie press onto the backing stone? Are you suppose to cut it off? What am I doing wrong?

    Please help!
  2. Kodeysmom

    Kodeysmom Gold Member

    I haven't tried it but i know there are some great tips on here if you search under files. I have printed these off and passed on to everyone that has bought a cookie press and it seems to work.
  3. chefkristin

    chefkristin Gold Member

    Mine is still in the box. I would like to hear the answer too!
  4. Attached is the recipe I always use... I've never had any problems with this recipe. DO NOT REFRIGERATE THE DOUGH! It will make it like cement and you'll never get it out! Also, be sure your butter is room temperature! Good luck!

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  5. BethCooks4U

    BethCooks4U Gold Member

    Here's what you do.

    Start by making the recipe that's in the Celebrate cookbook for all-occasion cookies. It is the one that taught me the temperature and consistancy that is needed. Do not chill the dough, in fact if it starts feeling stiff in the press (remove it from the press)and microwave it for a few seconds to bring the temperature back down. The consistancy needs to be like that of play dough. Once you get the feel of it you'll understand.


    1 box white cake mix
    2 3/4 cups flour
    Combine and whisk to remove any lumps.

    Melt 2 cubes of butter in microwave for 1 minute-1minute 15 seconds (until just melted. Cut 2 more cubes of butter into 1 Tbsp. pieces and stir into melted butter. Let sit 3-5 minutes and then stir to melt remaining butter until creamy. Stir into dry ingredients all at once. Knead until you have a paly dough consistancy. Fill cookie press 2/3 full (try a star shape until you are better at it - that kind of shape is easiest - I used #4). Press onto COOL stone. I then pressed remaining dough onto parchment so that I could do it when the dough was still the right temperature. Bake the cookies as directed.

    I have not had a bit of a problem since I have done it this way. I have the recipe on my website if you need more details.
  6. You have to keep clicking the trigger until the dough gets all the air pockets pressed out.
    The first few cookies are usually toss-backs, then the pressure gets even and they press out with just one click.
  7. dannyzmom

    dannyzmom Gold Member

    Here are some cookie-press files I have:

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  8. Does anyone want a Cookie Press? It's easier for me to use cookie cutters! LOL I'll trade it for something. :)
  9. Don't give it away yet! My fool proof recipe is the 3-ingredient peanutbutter recipe I found years ago. No mess, use med scoop to load. When you get it, you will be soooo happy! Don't use warm stone (parchment or 2nd stone after 1sdt batch)

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  10. Alright Susan :)

    I'll give it a try next time I make cookies.
  11. One of my guest at a show shared that she greases the inside of the press. Once she did that she nevers has any problems.
  12. My problem is the dough doesn't come out of the press and onto the cookie sheet. Does the dough need to be runny so it just comes out? How do you get each cookie to nicely go onto the sheet? I've read the helpful instructions that people have posted, but my cookies still don't come apart into nice little cookies. I had to use a knife to cut each cookie away and I know that's not what you are suppose to do.

    I'm going to try a couple of the recipes that people have posted. But I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe and it didn't work at all.
  13. chefann

    chefann Gold Member

    Make sure you have the disc in facing the right direction - that will definintely affect how the dough pulls off.

    The dough shouldn't be runny, but it's definitely soft.
  14. lkprescott

    lkprescott Silver Member

    I'd think that a sugar cookie recipe may be too thick. It's been a while since I made spritzes (which is what they usually term cookies that come from a press - I still have an old fashioned tin press) but it's a different consistency and once you get it, they press really well. Temperature of dough and pan are key though... but once you get the rhythm going they're downright fun!
  15. start out with a peanut butter cookie recipe. since it's stickier you should have less problems. make sure the stone isn't too warm, i've had issues with that in the past. i love, love, love my cookie press. i use it at least once a month, so i wish you luck!
  16. I also have the problem of the dough not coming off the press. Should I chill a stone to put my parchment on and use a different one to bake on? Would that help it to stick to the pachment and not the press?
  17. Thanks for all these tips. I have fought with my press for years and HATE it...I have alot of customers who love it and lots more interested in it and it's hard for me to sell since I haven't had success with it, it drives me crazy. But I am not ready to give up! I will try these tips and hope I fall in love :)
  18. This is my page, I've had a lot of trouble also. I'm going to try again with the tips on here. It's hard for me to sell something I'm not happy with. I want everyone to love it as much as I believe it, or I don't sell it.
  19. Oh, yeah I forgot. This step is key. If you look at the discs, they have angles like scissor blades also have. If they are inserted backwards, it doesn't work.
  20. My Cookie Press just came in the mail yesterday and I was so excited to use it. Now I'm hesitant. I hope I have good luck with it! Thanks for all the tips.

  21. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that has had problems. :) I think I'm going to try a different recipe today and see who that works. Thanks so much for everyone that has given advice here. You guys are a big help. I'll let you know how it goes.

  22. fikibiff

    fikibiff Gold Member

    I love my cookie press. I just use refrigerator sugar cookie and refrigerator peanutbutter cookie dough. I did it at a show Sat. and then I was craving them, so I did them for my family (ok, really for me) Sat. night.

    Not all of the discs work with each kind of dough. I have started making notes about which discs work for which dough and keep them right in the box. And, as someone stated before, the first 2-6 cookies will need to be peeled of and the dough used again later. Also, the dough can't be cold. The wreath and the Christmastree and #4 work really well for me.

    It take a little practice, but it does work. And the file "cookie press tips" has a great fudge recipe. I posted pix of the fudge I made with the cookie press a few weeks ago.
  23. ok, so my husband is the one that does our cookie press, i flunked it. but i went to a directors show and she used it. i though this girl is crazy, becasue this thing doesn't work. but she did the PB blossoms recipe that was posted and it was so easy.

    her trick was before you pull up the press give a quick turn. well i just did this recipe with the kids. my cookies turned out PERFECT. i woudl totally do this at a show as an extra recipe to sell this press.

    good luck

  24. Loving the cake mix recipe and the STAR shape! It is so cute and works great! The butterfly shape is tricky but cute when it comes out.

    My cookies seem too big to me though - any thoughts to why? I think they are expanding. I'm going to try the chocolate cake mix ones next.

    Question: Sprinkles before or after baking?
  25. pamperedlinda

    pamperedlinda Gold Member

    So glad you started this thread. I have several people ask me about the Cookie Press and since I've never used one (ours or anyone's) I can never help them. I've heard that they are a little tricky and you either love it or hate it. I'm planning to order one on my neighbor's show next week and get it on sale and with her discount.

    So, keep this thread going and post your best dough recipes please. If we get enough recipes, maybe we can make a nice collection of them.
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