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    I am getting ready to send an e-mail with someone who booked a show. I am so bad at remembering to say what I need to in a phone call so I thought it would be best to do it in written form.

    Any suggestions on what to say? I don't want to leave out important points but also don't want to overwhelm her with recipe choices!
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    I don't talk recipes until about a week before the show - once the invites have gone out, and we have more of a feel how many will be there.

    We usually decide on a theme during the first phone call - but about 90% of my shows are Real Food Real Fast shows using the DCB......

    Here is the letter I have been using. I email it, and then also send a hard copy. It's formatted to use on paper with some type of border around it. During Nov-Dec I used a Christmas paper, now I'm using a party type paper with balloons and confetti.

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