Helaine Balsamo's 9-11 note AWESOME!

Discussion in 'Chef's Lounge' started by Kitchen2u, Sep 11, 2008.

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  1. Just in case you are not a Director (she posted it to Director's Dish) ~ this is such an inspirational note.

    Good morning. I just would not feel right letting today come and go without taking a moment to reflect on the happenings of September 11th already 7 years ago today. We all have our memories, our stories, and our feelings. For me it’s not only remembering what was, it is also what might have been if one thing different (for my example) had my sister get to work on time instead of being late for work on the 105th floor of the tower, as well what could occur in our future. What matters most is family, friendships, and being the best we can be always.

    It is important to me for each of you to know how very much I value you as a member of my Pampered Chef family and that I’m here for you in any way I can be. Remember, even just after the day 7 years ago, we served a purpose. A purpose of helping people to not only learn ways to save money, save time, and save storage space in their cabinets, while having fun and eating well, but also to take their minds off their every day troubles. The show I did just 3 days after 9-11-01 was one in which the ladies and men there, including some who worked for the Port Authority of NY/NJ were glad not to be in front of the TV or listening to the radio for just that 1 ½ hour time period that I could take their mind off of it.

    In the year 2008 we have an awesome responsibility and a sincere privilege in which we can take people’s minds off their troubles – be it health, financial, or just a crazy family schedule – for a little while. We edu-tate them…educate and entertain at the same time. Our job is more than a way to earn a paycheck, it’s a way of life for many of us, and a way that we can help others with their lives. It’s crazy to know that one moment in time could change someone’s life. Today we remember that in many ways. Touch others with care and know the moments you affect will be better because of you.



    My personal story that night on 9-11-01:
    I did a show ON 9-11-01. When I called my host that morning (thinking I'm sure she's going to reschedule, pre-judging? Yep!) as all of us had your faces glued to the news stations, she said to me, "WE need this party Ginny!" She was right. Though I didn't want to leave my family that night...so they decided to come with me! They got to see me in action for the first time and I was proud to have them there! I like Helaine, found they were glad not to be in front of the TV or listening to the radio for just that 1 ½ hour time period that I could take their mind off of it. They all thanked me for the it too. I started off with a moment of silence. That host was amazing. She ended up turning her $2,000 PLUS party sales into a fundraiser with the American Red Cross as the beneficiary, something she decided during her party. On our way home, we talked about what a wonderful gift she gave. We being here in California ~ all the way across the country, what could we do? At that moment, I, too, decided to donate my entire commission I made that night to ARC too...my family thought it was a GREAT idea and so instead of the solemn faces because what was going on still, we all went home with smiles on our faces. When I got home, I wrote individual notes to the host and every customer thanking them and letting them know I, too, donated my commission.

    Back then I wasn't into the recruiting thing at all. I robbed them of our gift. But my committment now, is to offer it to everyone!
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  2. aried

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    Thanks for passing that along Ginny and letting us know about your story.

    Ann R.
  3. Great stories. Thanks for sharing.
  4. tlag1986

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    The words ring true we do offer a great opp. to those who take us up on it. Great story. Keeping everyone in my prayers.
  5. Thanks for sharing Ginny.
  6. Thanks for sharing that, Ginny.
  7. I"m curious to know if anyone else out there, director or consultant, has any 9/11 stories similar to this. It is very inspiring.

    And GREAT JOB GINNY on turning that horrible day into something positive!
    You rock!
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    What a nice way to remember today. Thanks for sharing that (and your story, too) Ginny!
  9. I am remembering today. Today is my 9 year wedding anniversary. At first we felt guilty about celebrating. Now we figure alot of people had good things happen that day, other people have birthdays, anniversaries etc... So if you don't celebrate our good events, then we are letting the terrorists win.

    The day it happened, we were out for dinner, and the waitress found out it was are anniversary, so she brought us a free desert and said happy anniersary, anyway the guy sitting in the next booth heard her and got up and starting yelling at us saying how could we celebrate this day, threw a punch at my husband, luckily missed, and then smashed our desert on the floor. I went to get up and he pushed me down to the chair and proceded to get in my face and totally tell me off. Usually I would respond back but I was too scared. It scared us very badly and we left and called the police, we were so afraid he was going to follow us and hurt us.. It took us 2 years to get to the point to celebrate our anniversary, and not feel guilty. The restaurant assured us he would be asked to leave but would not let him out of the building until we were gone so he could not follow us.
  10. Oh my gosh Kristen ~ I'm so sorry that happen to you and your husband. I'm wondering if he just found out he lost a loved one in one of the incidents in NY or DC?

    My SIL's BD is 9/11...that was a tough year to celebrate her BD too.

    Our 20th anniversary was on 10-10-01 and we had a cruise to celebrate. From 9-11 until the time we were suppose to take off...I kept calling the cruise line and asking if they would cancel. The first week was "I don't know" because of cancelled flights...coming from California to Florida. The second week was probably not...the third/fourth week, NO. I cried when I left my kids...that was hard. We paid that outrageous amount for internet to keep in touch with our families here while we were gone. Like you, something that we should have been celebrating ended up being a little stressed. We actually celebrated when we got back safe and sound...with our families.
  11. BTW I didn't post this to get the yeahs and pats on the back. I just wanted all of you to know...

    We ALL have a GIFT...let's share it. Whether the biz opportunity, or an random act of kindness, whatever the case may be. In my religion (Jodo Shin Shu Buddhist) we have a saying that says, "...be kind and gentle to every living thing and those who are weaker than myself." That's what I try to practice everyday...as I think we ALL should.
  12. Yea, that is why I did not get back in his face, because I did not know if he had lost someone or knew someone who had. So I just decided to back off. He was just sooo angry.

  13. I'm sure he's somewhere feeling bad he treated you guys like that.
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