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Garlic bites

Discussion in 'Recipes and Tips' started by calisweetheart03, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. Will the fabulous garlic bites work in the grill press? I need a large batch but I don't have a big Executive pan.
  2. janetupnorth

    janetupnorth Gold Member

    Well, I've never tried to cook something in a grill press... :D

    I think if you try the grill pan they will work, they just may fill in the ridges cooking. Also the seasonings on the bottom may got stuck in the grooves a bit and not distribute as evenly. Knowing the recipe though, they'll taste just as good.

    If you have time, make more than one batch in your saute pan. Dump the first and serve and start the second batch.

    If this is for home and not a show you can substitute other cookware...
  3. LOL...yeah, those grill press bites might not be too tasty. :) Teacher's brain on Friday=FRIED!

    It's for a show and I AM making two batches...lol. One small one w/out cheese and one big one with cheese. There are going to be nearly 30 people there and those will disappear FAST. :)

  4. janetupnorth

    janetupnorth Gold Member

    I don't know where you live, but ask if someone in your cluster has a pan you can borrow.

    ETA: You could also make them in a round baker or a bar pan (melt butter on stove and transfer to bar pan) and sell some stoneware too. (I'd still make some in the saute pan to show the versatility of that).
  5. They worked GREAT in the grill pan and the host (my grandma) raved about how well "that okra pan" works for frying okra. I think I may sell a few in the near future. :)
  6. janetupnorth

    janetupnorth Gold Member

    Wonderful - good to know!
  7. susanr613

    susanr613 Gold Member

    I don't want to sound like a dork....but here goes. Can someone direct me to the garlic bites recipe? i keep hearing about it but don't know how to make it

  8. wadesgirl

    wadesgirl Gold Member

    I use the one that is on the back of the executive cookware flyer for the flip top chart.
  9. janetupnorth

    janetupnorth Gold Member

    It was also in the Fall Special Consultant News if I remember right.
  10. susanr613

    susanr613 Gold Member

  11. They work well in both the large family skillet and the new SS 10 inch saute pan. Just in case you were making large batches. Which, BTW, these are fabulous and you should make more than needed!!

    I have been doing these with the Chicken Vegetable Alfredo soup this month and guests are gobbling them up! But I use more garlic and butter than they call for. Hey, you can't go wrong with more.
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