Deep Covered Baker Recipes

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  1. pamperedlinda

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    In light of Becky's "I Love..." thread and her fantastic recipe for the Fast Chicken Fajitas (which if you haven't already tried them, they are marvelous!). I would love for you to post your favorite recipes for the DCB.

    I am going to promote the bejeebers out of this thing in all my upcoming shows and I want to tell people what else they can make with this fantastic piece of stoneware.....think about Feb bookings and 60% off ;)

    Attached is what I have - and I'm sure I got it here (I have no idea who posted it, so if it's you please say so and get your credit that is due).

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  2. kaseydee

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    That is an awesome form thanks so much for posting & starting this thread!
  3. Hi Linda,

    So this attachment... have you tried these? I'm also looking for a couple good and fast recipes for the DCB to promote in Jan especially. I just did the ribs tonight and was pleasantly surprised how tender they turned out. However, I don't have the PC grill pan to finish them out at shows.

    Also, looking forward to the post.

    Thanks everyone!!! :chef:
  4. pamperedlinda

    pamperedlinda Gold Member

    Hi Linda,

    I've tried a few of them. I'd love to have more microwave recipes. I want to help my guests justify spending th3 $$ to buy this.
  5. PamperedDor

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    I have a bunch they were forwarded from my director - I have them in word, I just don't know how to get that file on the board - any help?? Otherwise pm me and I will email them to you -
  6. pkd09

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    Linda: Could you give me the recipe for the Fast Chicken Fajitas? or tell me where I can find it? Thank you
  7. ChefBeckyD

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    Here is the thread where I tell how to make the Fajitas in the DCB!
  8. pamperedlinda

    pamperedlinda Gold Member

    Becky, I want more of your recipes! I wanna be like you! LOL
  9. Thanks, exactly what I was looking for so I can share w/Mom when she gets here. Have to do a tenderloin for her this weekend as she just cannot believe you can cook a tasty main course/meat dish in the microwave.
  10. ChefBeckyD

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    That IS funny - trust me, you don't wanna be like me!:rolleyes:

    The problem is that most of my "recipes" are just me, playing around in the kitchen - grabbing stuff and hoping it turns out okay. I look at something - usually several recipes - and think "well, if I took this from here, and this from there, and put them together with this......" or like with the fajitas, taking something that I make all of the time and using a different cooking method. (same with the Smashed Potato Soup).

    So - in order for me to give out the recipes, I have to actually sit down and think it through and write out a recipe.....but I'll try and work on it!
  11. etteluap70PC

    etteluap70PC Gold Member

    This flyer Rocks!
    I just had an idea too....
    I have been thinking of going to 1 recipe a month. Well..... with all those options I could use the DCB at every show and still offer something different and cater to the season!

    Hmmmmm...... I'm going to really have to think on this!

    Thanks ladies!
  12. pamperedlinda

    pamperedlinda Gold Member

    Thanks Becky!
  13. pamperedlinda

    pamperedlinda Gold Member

    Here's some recipes from Doreen (PamperedDor)

    Thanks ladies! Keep the great recipes coming.

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  14. Not a 'show' recipe, but home cooking.

    Last week, beef ribs were on sale. I cut the membrane the length of the bone (for tenderness and to release fat. Rubbed the ribs with BBQ seasoning. Lots of ribs fit 'lengthwise' in the DCB, forming their own rack :)

    Baked at 250 deg. f, covered for 3.5 hours. They were melt in the mouth tender, well seasoned, and cooked above the fat, held above the fat by the structure of the ribs.

    Inexpensive and tasty.
  15. etteluap70PC

    etteluap70PC Gold Member

    Ok so I was looking at this recipe flyer again and like some of the chicken flavor combos. I also notice that for most of them it has oven directions. Do you think it would work to use any different flvor combos EX: hawaiian and cook it in the Micro like the 30 min chicken?
  16. Thanks for the recipes!!!!! I am hoping these will help me sell more of these! I want one so badly and am planning on getting one real soon!
  17. Does anyone have reciepes for the deep covered dish using the microwave
  18. OMG! This is awsome! I am making the ribs tonight! Its perfect cause I have my cluster meeting tonight and don't 2+ hours between getting out of my full time job and the meeting to cook them in the oven!! Thank You!
  19. can someone post the recipe for the Dump Cake?
  20. kreaser

    kreaser Gold Member

    I did regular lasagna in the baker in the microwave using "no boil" noodles and making my recipe the regular way. I simply use spaghetti sauce that is mixed in ground beef (almost like spaghetti mixture) mozzarella cheese and the noodles. Just layered it up and covered it, and put in microwave for 15 minutes. It was really good. The cheese didn't "brown up on top in the microwave but was still good.

    I also made my favorite "Christmas egg casserole" recipe the other day in the baker in the microwave. My kids love this.
    12 eggs
    1 cup milk
    1 cup sour cream
    some salt and pepper to taste
    ( I use some onion salt or powder) in place of green onion tops diced up because my kids don't like "green things" that much LOL
    You can add diced ham, or cooked crumbled sausage and cheese
    Mix all ingredients in batter bowl.
    I lightly sprayed the baker (just because of the egg mixture going into the microwave..I wasn't sure how it would come out the first time)
    Pour mixture into baker and cover ...12-15 minutes or until egg is baked up solid. Let stand a few minutes and then cut into squares.
    Delicious...and so easy in the microwave...this recipe usually takes 1 hour in oven.
  21. I recently purchased the Deep Covered Baker. I was promised a Word document with recipes but it never came. So I was delighted to find it here on this forum. But I am looking for MICROWAVE recipes for the Deep Covered Baker. Anyone? :chef:
  22. babywings76

    babywings76 Gold Member

    If you are a consultant, you can access a great handout on CC. (I'm not sure if someone made a version for the files here or not--can't check right now...)

    There are also lots of recipes using the microwave in the Season's Best and also the 29 min. to Dinner Vol. 2 cookbook.

    If you go to "Search" and type in Deep Covered Baker and microwave, there should be some other threads to search through.
  23. niclowther

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    Has anyone made the Chicken Penne in the oven? I've been searching threads and have come up empty. I'm going to make it at a wedding shower in the DCB in the micro, but there is goingn to be like 30 people there so I wanted to bake more in a rectangular baker.
  24. pcchefjane

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    I posted an update of a flyer that was on here. I removed references to retired/discontinued items in it. I fixed it so it is a tri-fold. It has around 20 recipes in it so it is much better than the one from HO and has recipes all in one place. The file is called "DCBRECIPES.doc" in the files.
  25. Here's a sheet with Microwave recipes for the DCB. I got it off of here somewhere. It looks like the same format as the first one posted. I usually print out the microwave one, the oven one, and the one off consultants corner with the 5 different recipes. I hate that there is so much sure eats up ink!


    I'm going to make the molten cake today for my show. I was also going to try to do the HWC pink cake in it too. I don't have the fluted pan but I think it would be just as good in the DCB and show how versatile it is. People love the fact that you can do so many different things in it!

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