Chicken Parmesan Soup

Discussion in 'Recipes and Tips' started by wadesgirl, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. wadesgirl

    wadesgirl Gold Member

    I really wanted to like this recipe but I made it for dinner tonight and it just seems incomplete. I feel like it needs something more than just chicken, sauce and cheese. I think it needs noodles or something to give it more body. The croutons were a little weird too. Some of them came out really tough and were hard to eat.
  2. carlajanes

    carlajanes Gold Member

    I know what you mean. My hubby and I don't like chicken parm so I made it with ground beef....was ehhh....I think it needs something too.
  3. We were told at our team meeting last night that it is more of a "chilie" feel and to make noodles with it.
  4. BethCooks4U

    BethCooks4U Gold Member

    We thought it was very good. It was a hearty soup and we had a salad with it. The croutons were great and I love the tip on making them even if I just want some for a salad.
  5. pctharper

    pctharper Gold Member

    I skipped the crutons in mine all together. Added a box of whole wheat penne pasta and used a whole quart jar of sauce (I think thats doubling the sauce). Cooked for 16 minutes, stirring half way through. It was really good this way!
  6. babywings76

    babywings76 Gold Member

    We had it at our meeting last night and thought it was great! Nice chunky tomatoes, chicken, and the big croutons, some soggy and then some from the topping, cheese, it was great! The only thing I was thinking was that you could add some zucchini to it if you want a little big of veggies in there.
  7. kreaser

    kreaser Gold Member

    made it for our meeting and it was good...but then I made it for my family and they didnt like the soggy croutons in for my own pc party I had last week at my house I left out the croutons and had guests add theirs in when serving it. seems muched better, But I too think pasta would be good with it...
  8. A consultant in my group made it for us but added tons of extra cheese. It was good but I think it needs noodles or something too.
  9. byrd1956

    byrd1956 Gold Member

    does anyone have this recipe already typed up in a word doc?
  10. We had it this evening at our team meeting. It was pretty tasty and hearty. I would definitely do it at a show.
  11. esavvymom

    esavvymom CS Leader Staff Member

    I made this last night, and my family loved it. Again, my picky eater had quite a helping also.

    What I did:
    When I was cooking the chicken in the RCB, I put some Garlic & Herb rub on the chicken breasts. Probably would have worked also with Italian Seasoning, or Crushed Peppercorn & Garlic (one of my favs). I also added some pressed garlic cloves. Cooked that up, and it gave the chicken some flavor instead of being bland cooked chicken.

    I didn't have French Bread, so I made the "Quick & easy homemade yeast bread" from here in the DCB. Used 2-3 slices to make my croutons (YUM!!), and then we had the rest of the bread with our soup.

    The only thing I would do differently is not put the croutons on the soup. I'd put the cheese, but leave the croutons off until served, then put them on each serving. I don't care for soggy bread. :)
  12. byrd1956

    byrd1956 Gold Member

    made this last night but of course had to used Italian seasoning mix on chicken and parmesan garlic oil dipping seasoning in the soup.....we liked it, but would like to make it using the correct ingredients..
    so if no one has the recipe typed up is it posted somewhere...can you tell I don't want to type...
  13. esavvymom

    esavvymom CS Leader Staff Member

    it would be in the Season's Best recipe search pages on Cons.Corner. Just look for the FW12 Season's best edition- should be the default page when you get there. Then find the soup. Select it and then select the Print Edition (on the next page). You can copy/paste it there.

    If you have your Season's Best from your Changeover Kit, it is in there too.
  14. Bren706

    Bren706 Gold Member

    I made this for the first time today for my team meeting today with two of my team members. I had sent my hubby to the store for the french bread and mozzarella cheese, but I think he got lost as my meeting has been over for an hour (He left an hour before the meeting, and the meeting and they were here for 2.25 hours) and he is still not back :rolleyes::grumpy:.

    With that being said, I realized I had hot dog rolls in the fridge, and remember the Deluxe Cheeseburger Salad recipe used the rolls for croutons, so I cut up those and used that as a substitution. Although it wasn't the same, I used extra parmesan cheese to replace the mozzarella cheese. It was a hit.

    For those that have already done this for a show, how do you prepare the chicken ahead of time? The DCB would need to be cleaned up (and the lid cooled) before preparing the croutons, so I wasn't sure about cooking the chicken in the DCB as part of the show prep. Would you have the host have the chicken already cooked?
  15. ChefPeg

    ChefPeg Gold Member

    Yes. It's a great recipe when you have leftover rotisserie chicken too.
  16. I was thinking that I would bring both my DCB and my RCB. I would then do the croutons ASAP as soon as I started my demo so that I could show the raw chicken going in the RCB. Then while the chicken cooks I take the coutons out and put them in a bowl to cool and put the rest of the ingreidients in the DCB. When the chicken is done I will take it out and use the salad choppers to cut up the chicken, add it to the DCB and then done! i have also been adding fresh pasta on the side for this soup too.
  17. wadesgirl

    wadesgirl Gold Member

    If I did do this at a show (I'm still considering it only because other people might like it). I would probably have the host precook the chicken but talk about making the chicken in the baker. I thought about doing it right as I walk in the door but it comes down to timing and making sure that the DCB was clean before it was time to work on the croutons.
  18. This is one of my favorite recipes!! And makes for a great demo!

    But I make several changes to it. First I add onion (can be chopped with food chopper or manual food processor for demos, about 1/2 of medium onion) and zucchini (I like to use the julienne peeler for demos and then just cut pieces into smaller cubes to actually add to soup, about 1-2 medium sized).

    I also prefer the Italian seasoning for the soup and I sprinkle it along with a little salt and pepper on the chicken. I do use the garlic herb for the croutons, but Italian is good for it too.

    For demo purposes, I use one of my pieces of cookware to cook the chicken, but I still have it pre-cooked before the guests get there and then just talk about cookware, makes for a good segway to talk about cookware.

    And finally, I actually prefer this to cook in the oven. I just think it tastes better! I do the croutons in the microwave and finish the soup off in the oven, it's just heating the ingredients anyways, so only takes like 15-20 minutes or so, if oven is preheated to 400. When serving, I allow each person to top with croutons so they do not get soggy and it's easier to store left-overs (if you have any!!)

    This recipe is a big hit with my family and my customers and it's perfect for winter!
  19. Malinda Klein

    Malinda Klein Gold Member

    I bring both my RCB and DCB to my shows. i cook the chicken 10 minutes in the RCB before people get there and as they walk in, i show them how to use the salad choppers to lift up the checken and shread it. I also cut the bread into slices before anyone gets there, except for maybe one piece (to demo the cutting board).

    Very simple recipe and quick... LOVE the garlic and herb seasoning
  20. higoobs

    higoobs Gold Member

    OMG just made this recipe at school for teachers and it was a big hit. For those that think may be missing something....try toasting your croutons in garlic oil and Parmesan garlic oil dipping seasoning. then also add seasoning to the pot with everything....hope this helps...YUUUMMMOOO
  21. alidafrizzell

    alidafrizzell Gold Member

    I LOVE this recipe and served over those thin little Parmesan flavored noodles from the box! It added just the perfect touch! I think I might add mushrooms next time!
  22. buddy5909

    buddy5909 Gold Member

    I add cheese tortellini to mine. One of my husband's new favorites.

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