Brownies in the Large(?) Bar Pan

Discussion in 'Recipes and Tips' started by kam, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. kam

    kam CS Leader Staff Member

    I know have seen discussions of this on chefsuccess, but can't seem to locate it now...

    I would like to make Brownies using the Bar Pan, but I am not sure how this is going to work...

    What size mix is used? Usually when I buy brownie mix, they are for the 8x8 size pans, how would this size mix work in the Large Bar Pan? It would seem as though the mix would not go far...

    Do I use 2 of the mixes? Or is there a particular mix that someone can recommend that makes more brownies?

    Also, is it the LARGE Bar Pan that is used? How long should the brownies be baked?

    Has anyone tried the Baker's Chocolate one-bowl brownies in any of the stoneware??

    Guidance needed!!

  2. jenniferknapp

    jenniferknapp Gold Member

    lg bar pan - I think that I normally use a bit of a larger box, which will make thin brownies. If you want thick, you can use 2 boxes, and the depth will be just about the height of the sides of the large bar pan. I think I usually check after 25 mins and check with a toothpick for done-ness

    med bar pan - you can use 1 box and it will give you good size brownies. I would check after 15 min
  3. chefann

    chefann Gold Member

    If you use the mix that's designed for an 8x8 pan, use the MEDIUM Bar Pan (or the square baker). For the Large Bar Pan, use the mix that's for a 9x13. Those are usually about 18-21 ounces.
  4. I always use my large bar pan, and they always come out perfect. Just do Cake Like brownies
  5. I always use the medium bar pan for the 18 oz box (or whatever size the main size box is). They come out perfect. I do cook them for the entire time on the box--sometimes even a minute or two longer as many times they are still gooey. I usually only make them in the 9 x 13 baker if I need them to look pretty in the container. They don't last long enough in my house to look pretty--so medium bar pan it is!
  6. kam

    kam CS Leader Staff Member

    Thank you everyone - this information is exactly what I was looking for!
  7. chefmary

    chefmary Gold Member


    Just to add one more...when I use the Large Bar Pan, I use 2 boxes of 9X13 brownie mix and they come out fantastic! I have done just one box in the Large Bar Pan, but they are thinner and therefore need less time cooking than the recipe calls for. People will be convinced you made them from scratch!!

  8. I line mine with parchment paper to make clean up easier. I use the cake like directions on the 9x13 box. How does it work for those that do not line?
  9. chefmary

    chefmary Gold Member

    My bar pan is very well seasoned and I never need to line it with parchment. Clean up is a snap!!

  10. kam

    kam CS Leader Staff Member

    I tried one box (for 9x13) of brownies in the large bar pan.

    I did not care for them at all. They would be fine to use in a trifle, but they were not thick enough for me! (I am one of those people who always make the brownies in the smallest pan in the directions so I get the thickest brownies!) I also think I may have baked them too long - I kept them in for the amount of time listed on the box. I will definitely use 2 boxes next time.

    I only sprayed the bar pan with Pam and the brownies came out just fine.

  11. purrbal

    purrbal Gold Member

    I prefer to make two boxes in the large bar pan, I like nice thickness for my brownies.
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