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Booking SLide

Discussion in 'Bookings' started by AmyP, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. Can I just say I used the booking slide at my show this past weekend and got 4 shows and 1 catalog! I feel it really works cause you got hrough it with your guests and they really pay attention!
  2. Congrats!
    I've have yet to use mine - not sure what or how to use it yet. Guess I'll have to use it at my next show!
  3. I am still sad I don't have one. I know I can make it.... but I just want the fancy one! LOL
  4. I actually printed it out online, went to staples and picked the colors out and had it laminated. Then just taped the backs together. COst $27 though. lol, I shoudl of asked before I did it but its ok. I used mine at the end of show. I said one more thing before Im done, and went through it.
  5. AJPratt

    AJPratt Silver Member

    Glad it worked for you!! Hey, that $27 was a good investment!
  6. Sounds like it's paying off, though! That's great!
  7. PamperedchefDaly

    PamperedchefDaly Gold Member

    I like the booking slide for the "wow" factor. When I whip that thing out, I always hear a few giggles. Really gets their attention!
  8. cathyskitchen

    cathyskitchen Gold Member

    Can we order this on supply order yet? I made my own, but it's not that "flashy". (I typed the info on paper, put the paper in page protectors, then taped the page protectors together with clear packing tape).
  9. cindylpal

    cindylpal Gold Member

    I used mine for the first time this past weekend...was having a hard time finding the words to introduce it!

    I thanked my hostess with one of our reusable bags (from the supply orders) and then told everyone she was going to need that and MORE to carry all of her HOSTESS REWARDS...and then whipped out the slide and read through it....2 bookings out of 6 guests!!!
  10. Melissa78

    Melissa78 Gold Member

    That works Cindy! I have used mine since my very first show as I look forward to giving my brain a rest as I don't have to remember anything - it's all listed for me. Lately I have been using it at the beginning of the show when I give a reusable shopping bag and SB Cookbook and tell the guests that "Today/tonite Suzie is going to get a ton for free so lets start it off! As my token of thanks I'd like to give Suze blah blah blah. Is that it? Heck no! Why did Suzie want to have all of you over, aside from your great company? For hosting todays show, Suzie is going to get ALL of this (as i throw out the slide and let it expand)." Then i cover the slide and finish the slide with and you too can get all of this by booking your own show at the end. We'll talk about that more as we go along but keep it in mind as I know your wish list is going to grow quite lengthy. Suzie would LOVE you to pieces if you buy everything at full price but heck, we're all about a bargain! Sorry Suzie, not to hurt your sales but really my peeps, host your own show and reap Suzies benefits. No need for her to hog them all to herself! And I assure you, there's more than enough of me to go around! :)

    Ok I could go on and on but I wont - that's how i work in the slide...
  11. cindylpal

    cindylpal Gold Member

    That sounds GREAT Melissa...I diffidently have to expand more, but it was easy! I've always been one that my "words" truly had to be "my own" (absolutely dispise roll playing at Cluster Meetings). Thanks again...I really found the bag/tote an easy lead in!!!!
  12. AJPratt

    AJPratt Silver Member

    I do like your idea, Melissa! I will have to try it!
  13. Melissa78

    Melissa78 Gold Member

    Happy to share. I think I do great at the slide and pushing shows (not bragging - want to be clear) but boy do I suck (yes that blunt) at 'my story' and recruiting. (hence they are tied together) I've been giving it thought and since the booking slide takes away any/all stress to remember everything, I think I'm going to do folders or one master folder and put in page protectors everything I want to cover and do it all at the beginning telling my guests "Ok lets get this boring stuff out of the way at the beginning so that later on you don't want to stab yourselves with the pens I gave to you as the crazy house party lady goes on BLAH BLAH BLAH when you're just ready to eat. (you'd have to hear my tone with all of that - its funny sounding) But at the beginning I have their attention, by the end they are gabbing, already filling out their forms, itching to leave etc. Then I feel rushed and get ahead of myself and skip over my story and more about the biz. I'm getting better on RUFTH and the check out but the other stuff I tend to skip over (not purposely).

    Also, make your slide fun so that your guests enjoy it and its not just this flip chart of words. (Again thinking like a guest and hearing BLAH BLAH BLAH) They love it when I end with that "they get me as their personal consultant and not some 1800 number and I assure you, you will not only see that I have the gift to gab tonite, but I do speak clear english. I will forewarn you though, I did go to public school though so it may not be grammatically correct but it is clear." (and in my neck of the woods, very rural (close-minded) they get a HUGE chuckle out of this) (Disclaimer: my comments are not to be offensive to anyone reading this. Simply pointing out a fact to my guests that many companys have outsourced their customer service over seas and 'clear' english is often not a service provided. (ie: Dell is the WORST for this).

    Ok off my soap box.

    If anyone has suggestions on working in 'the story' and better recruiting, I'm all ears.

    Also - the booking slide is not always a huge help for getting bookings. Just like anything else, I think it's hard to predict. I have had shows with 5 people at them where 3 booked shows to Friday nights show with over 20 guests and only 1 booking. All depends on the crowd. Best wishes with your slides!
  14. cookingwithlove

    cookingwithlove Gold Member

    Have you seen this one? I like it better than the one I earned. Thank you to who ever made it.

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  15. AJPratt

    AJPratt Silver Member

    Melissa, it sounds like you and I have a similar sense of humor! I am having a tough time with my story as well. It would be something like this: I had a FT job and did PC on the side, then I hated my job and decided to quit and open a cafe and still sell PC. It failed, we closed and now I do PC full time because I want to stay home with Mary. The end."
  16. Anne you are too much! lol. I would say for your "story" of how great PC has been. When your cafe closed you still had PC to lean on. and of course about all the friends you get to meet with at your cluster once a month (ME of course) lol
  17. At my last cluster meeting the Exec director said that we should stay away from our "story" and really just jump in...Something like this:

    "Welcome to Suzies party, I am so glad you could all come. Watch what I do, if it is something you are interested, then we can talk at the end of the show. If I can do this, you can too".

    Not sure how well this actually works- I have yet to recruit anyone, but it sure keeps people interest b/c I am not going on endlessly about how I came to PC.
  18. Someone from HO came out (I honestly can't remember her name right now) & did a little conference for us a couple months back & I got this from her:

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  19. wadesgirl

    wadesgirl Gold Member

    By the way if you use our discount at Office Max it's only around $12!
  20. AJPratt

    AJPratt Silver Member

    Those are great!
  21. Melissa78

    Melissa78 Gold Member

    Anne I hear ya! (ok so I read ya! LOL) If I was to be truthful, my story would go like: "I work FT, am in my 30s, single, and since all of my friends are married and with children I am lifeless so PC gets me off of the couch and puts extra cash in my pocket for the house renovations I want to do on the house I bought in November and also helps to pay off the student loans from my masters degree I finished last year." The end. So uplifting and encouraging to the rest of the real world that actually has a life, a family etc... So I either have to make up a story, skip it, or talk about others and not how PC works for me. :yuck:
  22. AJPratt

    AJPratt Silver Member

    I love your story! I haven't really been telling much of a story, just how I came to sell it and tht I love it.
  23. Melissa78

    Melissa78 Gold Member

    Hope you were being sarcastic b/c I think I have a horrible story hence I skip it all together because I feel most people cannot relate to it. Yours relates to people b/c many people hate their jobs and would love nothing more than to stay home and be a FT mom.
  24. AJPratt

    AJPratt Silver Member

    I think more people could relate to your story than you realize! I think there are a lot of people who feel like something is missing, have bills to pay and need to get out, but can't afford to. I think I might just do a Why Bag instead of trying to come up with a story.
  25. kcmckay

    kcmckay Gold Member

    What is the magic question from closing?
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