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Babysitting - What's the going rate?

Discussion in 'Chef's Lounge' started by sburnside, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. sburnside

    sburnside Gold Member

    I have been spoiled by family always taking care of my kids when I have to be somewhere and my husband is out of town. However, my MIL now has a cleaning job in the evening and won't always be available. There's a high school girl just down the road that will babysit, but what do I pay her? I know what I pay for a sitter while I work my full-time job but this is a high school student and it's in the evening. So, what do you guys pay or what would be fair? I want to keep her happy so she'll be available when I need her but I don't want to go broke either. BTW, I have a 5 and 2 year old that are easy going.
  2. I pay $10 an hour and I have a 21 month old. I'm not sure if that's high, but I know that I was paid $8 an hour four years ago to watch a 2 year old. Hope this helps.
  3. ChefBeckyD

    ChefBeckyD Gold Member

    $10 an hour? WOW!

    We pay $5 an hour for our almost 4 yr old. He has a teenaged babysitter when Grandparents aren't available. Maybe it depends on where you live?

    Of course, when it's the Grands, - they practically pay us to watch him.:D

    oh - and I did check with my Mom's Group to find out how much others paid - so I'm paying the norm for this area at least!
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2008
  4. I pay $5 an hour for our 2 1/2 year old. And that would incude any part of an hour. So if I am gone from say 6 to 8:15 they would get $15.
  5. My friend is paid $12.00/hr. to watch 1 year old.
  6. wadesgirl

    wadesgirl Gold Member

    By the way, just to add, you can always pay her more to stamp catalogs or put host packets together!

    It's been a long time but I was going to say $5 would be a standard or $20 a night. You could always ask her what her experience is and how much she has been paid before.
  7. Wow it looks like I'll never leave the house again!! How much do you pay for more than one kid? Is it $5/hr for one and less for #2 & #3? Or $5/hr for each child?
  8. Wow only $5!!! I babysat an 8 yo about 15 years ago and was paid $5 an hour. That was in Pittsburgh, but it must be the norm for your area. I wish I could pay less, but I want to make sure they actually watch her and come back again if I need her. Maybe I'll move to Michigan...:balloon:
  9. One more thing....I also feel the younger the children the more you have to do for them (change diapers, feed, etc...), so the more you pay. Just my thoughts!
  10. My neighbor pays my 14 year old $ 5.00 to watch 3-4 kids, one is a baby about a year old and two are twin 3 year olds and the other in 2nd grade. Sometimes the baby goes with mom, sometimes the 2nd grader has other plans but usually it is 3 kids. I don't think she gets paid enough and recently won't do it since my neighbor's grandmother has come to live with them. She can't walk but she is constantly telling my daughter to not do this and go do that. My daughter is uncomfortable and often can't understand what the grandmother is saying. I hope she will be able to continue to babysit for them.
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  11. We usually pay pretty well. I don't go by an hourly rate but if we're gone a while I give the babysitter about $40.00. She brings a friend w/her and they split it. So from 5-12 is...a little over $5.00 an hour
  12. quiverfull7

    quiverfull7 Gold Member

    My girls all get $8 - $10 an hour... whether it's one child or more. And I have to pay thier friends the same... although if I have to pick up the ones who cannot drive yet they get $7 - $8 depending on what they have to do that day/night
  13. PamperedDor

    PamperedDor Gold Member

    My daughters get between 7 and 10 an hour - depending on the family - If I had to pay again it would be around 8 an hour - (one of the perks of having teenagers!)
  14. etteluap70PC

    etteluap70PC Gold Member

    it totally depends on the sitter. I am very fortunate. I pay $5 an hour for 2 kids. I tried to give my sitter the same amt when she only had one last week and she said it was too much! I am so lucky!!! I have a really great sitter!
  15. lkprescott

    lkprescott Silver Member

    Depends on the sitter and on the area.

    When I used to hang out with folks down on Philly's Main Line like.. 10 years ago or so $10 was the norm an hour... I'm sure it's gone up since then. I couldn't afford that. LOL... with minimum wage at about $7/hr I'd consider that a good starting point... perhaps more for more kids, time of night and all that.
  16. paroese

    paroese Gold Member

    I usually pay $10 an hour for my 6, 4, and 1 year olds. Or for any 2 of them (a lot of times it ends up being just the older 2). If its just the baby then I pay about $7 an hour.
  17. Mwalker

    Mwalker Gold Member

    YIKES!!! I get away with $4/hr for 2 kids. $50 overnight (our overnights are 15-18hrs, tho) And Im considered one of the BETTER paying parents. LOL
    Then, again, I live in a really small WV town. Teens here are happy to get anything. Some parents pay as little as $2

    So it really does depend on where you live. 20 years ago when I was babysitting I was getting $2-3/hr per kid. But that was in NJ suburb, just outside of Philly.

    I would ask her what her rate is, if shes sat before she'll have an idea of what she wants. Also ask parents in your area. Comparing Indiana to New York isnt going to be much help.

  18. chefshawna

    chefshawna Gold Member

    Hey Mwalker, I'm originally from Clarksburg (family is all still there) . How close is Williamstown?? I really miss living in WV!!!!!
  19. sburnside

    sburnside Gold Member

    Thanks so much for everyone's input. Between all your input and some fellow workers, I think I'm leaning towards $5 an hour since my kids don't require diapers, feedings, etc. Maybe I'll have a minimum of $15 or $20 for those shorter trips to town, etc. I live in a pretty rural area so I think that plays a role in determining pay too. For daycare or regular daily babysitter, going rate in my area is $15-20 for all day. Whatever the pay, my kids are invaluable and who I am entrusting them to is worth my world.
  20. Mwalker

    Mwalker Gold Member

    Hey Shawna... 90 minutes straight down Rt 50 :) BEtween Parkersburg & St Marys, right along the Ohio River.

  21. heat123

    heat123 Silver Member

    We use my niece and depending on the total time, it's anywhere from $20-40 a night.
  22. My 16 yr old sitter usually get about $25 for the evening...say from 6pm-midnight.

    Next weekend we will be using her from about 2:30pm-who know when and we'll obviously give her more, maybe $40. She's always cool w/ it...sometimes dh tried to pay her more, but she is so good SHE GIVES IT BACK TO HIM!!!
    She has 3 younger brothers and says it's a treat to get out of the houe and away from them!

    Now, we have been very good to her, last summer we took her to Cedar Point w/ us and paid for everything for her and even gave her $20 to spend for herself as a treat for being such a great sitter. We will prob do the same thing this year.
    When you find a good sitter, hang on to them! They are so hard to come by!
  23. I pay 8 if they are still in high shcool, but most of my sitters are in college and I pay 10 for 2 kids. 3 and 1
  24. I nanny, and I get paid $10-12 an hour, depending on the job. The average around here is anywhere from $10 to $15. Granted, I'm in college, and am about to receive my degree in a child related field, so it is a little different from a 14 year old. When I babysat as a teen I made $7 an hour. I guess it must depend on the area, because $5 would never fly around here, unless it was for family or good friends, or the sitter was under 16. A 16 year old could go out and get any job and make at least $6 an hour, so I don't see them working for less than that. But again, it depends on the situation. If half the time the kids are in bed and the sitter is watching tv or doing their homework, then they really shouldn't be making as much. I would ask around and find out what the norm is in your area, because as you can see I think it really varies.
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