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~Advice Needed~ Ceramic Top Range?

Discussion in 'Chef's Lounge' started by rennea, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. rennea

    rennea Gold Member

    I am looking for some advice on ceramic top ranges. I am re-doing my kitchen soon and would like to buy some new appliances. It seems that these range tops are everywhere. We want to go stainless and all the stainless electric stoves have these tops. Does anybody have this kind?? How easy do they scratch?? They seem like they would be easy to keep clean.

    Any advice would be great guys:)
  2. Dianneskitchen

    Dianneskitchen Gold Member

    I have the GE Profile smooth top (this is the second one), I love it. I had my first one for 16 years and my oven started having a problem, and I was thinking of replacing it anyway, so I got this one about a month ago, and I wouldn't have any other type.
  3. Kitchen Diva

    Kitchen Diva Gold Member

    We have one and I like it, but it is a pain in the neck to clean! The products available to clean it work well but are a little expensive. I don't like that if water spills over it burns onto the surface and some times we have to take a straight edge razor and gently scrape off what isn't interested in coming off with the cleaner and elbow grease. I have found that some things come off using those Mr. Clean magic eraser sponges however.

    I thought it would be easier to clean than a regular burner type stove, and it's just as much a pain :) Other than that, I do really like how it cooks/works!
    Good luck!
  4. rennea

    rennea Gold Member

    Rats I was hoping they would be easier to clean. Do they scratch?? I think scratches would drive me nuts, I can be a little OCD about things.
  5. They do scratch - or mine does, anyway. It is a KitchenAid. The CeramaBrite stuff works really well to clean it, but I cook a lot and it definitely scratches. WHen it goes kaplooie, I will get gas....haha!
  6. Kitchen Diva

    Kitchen Diva Gold Member

    I do have one scratch on mine, but other than that mine is white so I can't really tell if there are other scratches. I actually think the one scratch I can see is from a knife...probably DH trying to be Emeril or something. :)
  7. I have the GE Profile Stainless too. I have the one that has a convection oven and warming drawer and I love it. The warming drawer is so very handy. It is so nice to be able to clean without having to clean drip pans. I had the option to go with a gas stove for our new house and I just couldn't do it. I always hated taking the stove apart to clean the drip pans and grates. Yes, smooth tops will scratch. So don't slide you stoneware over the top. I use my smooth top to set things on too, of course it's off, and scratched it a little bit in one place with my bar pan.
    One bit of advice for you is to always clean it up after you cook to keep it looking new. I have seen some at hostess's homes that don't clean them up after they use it and just let me say it is really bad. Then when you put your pan on top of a dirty stove the bottom of the pan gets stained bad and is hard to get all the marks off. There is really no excuse not to clean your smooth top after each use because it's so easy. Check out Consumer Reports for the best one for your budget. That is how I picked mine out.:chef:
  8. Mine has a black top so yes it will show scratches more. My other one was black but with white speckles and didn't show scratches.
  9. rennea

    rennea Gold Member

    Thanks Jennie for the info. I am really good with my stuff and take really good care of everything I own. It's the DH that I have to worry about!!! I have to child proof my home and I don't have any kids!!
  10. When cleaning I use Bar Keepers friend. It works great on those boil overs. I don't use the products that they say to use on the smooth tops because I feel they are too much money when Bar Keepers works just fine with a non scratch pad.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2008
  11. JAE


    I really dislike my ceramic stove top. It's black and a Maytag. I wish I would have gotten the electric oven/gas stovetop. The scraping with a blade to get boiled over food off is so annoying. Also, don't like that it doesn't just wipe off. The burners turn off and on to try and stay the right temp so you don't get constant, consistent heat. It's too fussy for me.
  12. Oh Jae, try the Bar Keepers friend. Bar Keepers is also good for so many other things. When researching the stoves on Consumer Reports the electric oven and gas stovetop ranges didn't get good ratings.:(
  13. I bought mine about 2 months ago and I love mine! No scratches and easier to clean then my old one. I have a kenmore and I love it!
  14. ChefBeckyD

    ChefBeckyD Gold Member

    I have cooked on all kinds of stoves - not just as a Pampered Chef consultant, but also as a Personal Chef. I learned to HATE Ceramic Top/Flat Top stoves. They are the worst for even heating, and I really dislike the fact that they stay so hot for so long after they are turned off. I used to come home from a day of cooking on a flat top stove, and complain to my husband. I cooked in a lot of "designer" kitchens, and I would always groan when I saw a flat top - "another stove that is just for looks and not for real cooking." (No offense to those that have them - just my experience with them.)

    I absolutely love my gas stove. My dream stove would be one of those that is a gas range and electric oven - that is the perfect combo to me!
  15. KellyTheChef

    KellyTheChef Gold Member

    I have a gas range...so I can't help you out with picking an electric. I just wanted to mention that BLACK SHOWS EVERYTHING! That's the only thing I don't like about mine. I can have it sparkling clean, go to bed, and in the morning it shows every speck of dust that landed on it! I swear, they must windex them in the product showroom 3 times a day...or else they don't have dust there...cuz I never noticed dust on them when shopping! Now that I have a black stovetop, NOW I hear everyone complain about how they show everything. So, if there is an option for the top that is NOT black, that's what I would tell you to get!

    My dream stove will be an industrial gas range/electric oven with the cast iron grates (NOT enameled...) with a brushed stainless finish on the top. You know...some day when I am rich and we get to build our dream house!! ;)
  16. I agree! I have the Gemini (double oven) & hate the stovetop. It is hard to keep clean (even with Barkeepers) and is very easily scratched. Once we redo the kitchen it is gone!
  17. chefann

    chefann Gold Member

    I had a smooth-top electric range in my old house. And I almost set an oven pad on fire one day by setting it on top of the stove. The burner wasn't on, but it was still hot from being used. The smooth surface is just too convenient to use as an extension of the counter. :)

    My new kitchen (going in this year) will have double wall ovens (electric, both convection) and a 6-burner 36" gas cooktop. (BTW, I will have pics and progress posted online, and will post an invite to my cheffer friends to come and help me break it in. :D )
  18. I HATE my glasstop electric stove. Keeping it clean is impossible, mine is 5 years old now and looks 10. I pray for the day, I can either move to a home with gas or convert my current home.

    Also a little point about the Executive Cookware. If the glasstop is not perfectly clean you will get spots on the Cookware. My hubby does not clean the cooktop and my 8"skillet now has burnt on food stained into the bottom.

    Change over to gas or get the old fashion burners, not as pretty to look at, BUT they work so much better. Someone had mentioned the glasstop not cooking evenly, that is totally correct and if the stove is not level you will also have issues.

    Good luck!!!!
  19. This is all such great info. I am looking for a 40 inch stovetop/oven, and I want stainless also. The problem I went to Lowes and the are only available online. How dumb is that? I want to see, touch what I am buying.

    There is another store (non chain) where we got our fridge, W/D, so I might look there.

    But this info is great, since I have electric.

    Question, and OT but is it easy to switch from ELECTRIC TO GAS? I mean relatively speaking?
  20. erinb

    erinb Gold Member

    You have to have a gas line routed to where your oven will go. That mean hiring someone in to do the job and they have to drill a hole in the floor that would be big enough to bring the gas line up. HTH
  21. chefann

    chefann Gold Member

    Sears has a really nice Kenmore 40" unit that's got gas burners and electric ovens, which is idea. Electric is more even (and less moist) for baking, but gas is preferred by professional chefs for stovetop because it's more responsive than electric. Kenmore Elite 40 in. Dual Fuel Self-Clean Range with Sealed Burners and Elec. Convection Oven - Model 7550 at Sears.com.

    Adding gas to your kitchen can be really easy or difficult, depending on where there's a nearby gas line that you can plumb from.
  22. chefjeanine

    chefjeanine Gold Member

    Do you have any gas appliances (or heat) in your home?

    Do you have a basement?

    If you can answer yes to both of these questions, it won't be a huge deal to switch to gas. You will need to hire someone to set this up for you.

    If you answered no to either of these questions, I don't think it will be a simple matter -- but do check around to find out the details.

    I'm with Kelly (I think that's who posted about the black). Stay away from a black cooktop. Get as much stainless and/or white as you can.

    Love my gas cooktop. Would love it more if it was not black.
  23. KellyTheChef

    KellyTheChef Gold Member

    Jeanine...yep, it was me! The black is the ONLY thing I don't like about my range/oven! Other than that, I am in heaven with this thing! My stove before had very LITTLE adjustments on the gas settings (found out from researching why...they were all the same BTU's and the cheaper the burner, the less adjustment you can do.) It seemed like it was either on HIGH or on LOW. Plus, my oven had a mind of it's own! I never knew if it was going to OVER HEAT or UNDER HEAT. What a PITA. I have had my stove now for about two years and I am still in love...

    Well, except for the black color, but I will stop beating that dead horse!! LOL
  24. Thanks for the tips.

    I have a gas dryer, but no basement, just a crawl space.

    The reason I want new is one, I had a dream it caught fire last night (hmmm...is that ever a sign!) and the main thing I was trying to change the drip pan under the coil and MAN what a process. I got so aggravated. I just said, I need a new one. LOL

    So for my 30th bday in July looks like I will get one. How come DH doesn't get the "home" gifts? LOL Too bad because its his bday today.
  25. I haven't had any problems with food not cooking evenly on any of my smooth tops. I do, however, notice that it does take longer to boil water on my new one but my old one which was a Maytag came to a boil faster. It probably just depends on what you get. My Maytag is 5 years old and looked new when I sold my house. My new one, GE Profile is 4 months old.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2008
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