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    Does anyone know any recipes or rubs made by Pampered Chef that is Salt Free? Thanks in Advance.

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    I looked threw all of my PC seasonings/rubs they all have salt, they do not have any msg tho!

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    Thank mother in law has me on the hunt, lol..

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    The rubs do have varying degrees of salt.

    No salts in
    9865 Peppercorn Medley,
    9807 Spicy Pineapple Rum Sauce,
    9739 Double-Strength Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract,
    9737 Basil Blend Canola Oil,
    9723 Cinnamon Plus Spice Blend,
    9719 Italian Seasoning Mix,
    9713 All Purpose Dill Mix,
    9712 Korintje Cinnamon,
    9702 Raspberry Habanero Sauce,
    9151 Garlic Infused Canola Oil,
    9062 Sweet Cinnamon Sprinkle. mentioned in the Product Information Guide (PIG).

    Nearly all pantry items are certified Kosher, some Kosher Dairy, some Kosher-Pareve.

    Any consultants who want a rundown on pantry items, send me an email (don't list or post it here, please send me an actual email) with your consultant number and name of the person who recruited youand I will reply with a 7-page document I have condensed from the PIG for each item.

    Because HO has indicated "for consultant use only", I will not post it here. Sorry, lurkers!

    God bless, take care. -Scott

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