Roast in the New Deep Dish Covered Baker!

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    This is long - but you'll be glad you read it!
    I had a BINGO tonight and I was at the store to get a chicken to try out the 30 min recipe. I forgot to pick up one to have it thawed out and ready to cook. They didn’t have any thawed whole chickens and Well, I’m so glad they didn’t! At first I picked up some frozen chicken breasts and thought I’d just used those, thinking that the moisture from them being frozen would help keep it moist… I was brainstorming with another consultant friend while I was at the store. (Thanks Anna! – She lent me the covered baker.) I knew it was too late to do the whole chicken and I wasn’t totally sure about doing the frozen breasts so I thought, why don’t I use a roast. I had a roast in the freezer, so I thought I’d try out. (I was trying to keep my cost down!) I pre-make all my food for BINGO’s, so while other things were cooking I took the frozen roast and placed it in the baker… My micro is really small, it fit but wouldn’t turn. Directions for the chicken say if it doesn’t turn on it’s own, then turn it half way.

    So here’s how I prepped it…..
    Frozen Roast on the bottom. I found a packet of roast seasoning at ALDI’s and rubbed it on top. (Usually I pour in a packet of Lipton Onion Soup Mix, but I thought I’d try something new.)
    I cut about 5 potatoes with the crinkle cutter (Skins on) and threw in about ½ a bag of Baby Carrots in. (Veggies around the roast.) I put about 1/8 cup of water sprinkled on the veggies – I was scared for the potatoes..

    So I started cooking it. About 15 minutes into it, the door on my micro came open (because it was trying to turn… LOL) So I thought, OK I’ll just finish it up at the Club House in their micro, while I’m setting up. I cooked it an additional 30 minutes. (It did turn in there, but just barely.) I put it out on the table and put the lid on it to set, like the chicken recipe says. I finished dishing up and did my talk about what were about it eat – about 10-15 minutes. I take the lid off and it smelled WONDERFUL! It did brown – I’m sure it was the seasoning… As customers were coming in they all remarked and asked what smells SO GOOD? I had explained during my talk that they were my taste testers, that this was a new product and a new recipe. I cut into it and it’s done all the way through, it cut really easy. The carrots were yummy. I don’t think anyone tried the potatoes though. They looked dried up and not very pretty. Maybe it was because I cut them too small? I didn’t taste them either…. So needless to say, all and all it was a big hit…. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I’ll be getting one at the 60% OFF for sure. It was great cooking a roast in less than an hour – From the freezer!!! It had the taste of my roasts that I cook all day!

    I booked another February Show because of it! WOO HOO!!!!!
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    Sounds fabulous!! I can't wait to try a roast - my family has been LOVING the chicken!!

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