Micro Cookers

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    Anyone know if these are BPA free? A customer asked. I sent an e-mail inquiry to the solution center and am waiting on a reply, but thought I'd ask & see if anyone already knows the answer.


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    Do a search--this has been addressed.

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    I did a search for "BPA" before posting and nothing popped up.

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    I searched for "Micro Cooker Plastic"

    and over 12 pages of posts came up - but I bumped up the ones that discussed the how safe or not safe the micro cooker is, click "new posts" and you'll see what i bumped up


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    The Solution Center still has not answered my e-mail, but I found info on Consultant's Corner that says Micro Cookers do NOT have BPA.

    For anyone else who might be interested in the answer, here's what they said:

    Polycarbonate Plastic Product Inquiries
    Recent media reports question the safety of products made with polycarbonate plastic and specifically, Bisphenol A (BPA), which is used in the manufacture of polycarbonate products. Rest assured, all Pampered Chef products designed to come into contact with food meet or exceed all current and applicable regulations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and are food-contact safe. The FDA has studied and approved the use of polycarbonate plastic and BPA for many years. We will continue to monitor any and all FDA developments with respect to BPA to ensure the continued safety of our products.

    Some of our products are made from polycarbonate and contain BPA. These products are listed below. No other Pampered Chef products contain BPA.

    1105 Microplane Adjustable Grater (cover and food holder plunger)
    1188 Gravy Separator (main bowl)
    1665 Baster and Cleaning Brush (basting tube)
    1785 Salad/Berry Spinner (lid only)
    2157 Wine Bottle Opener
    2175 Easy Read Measuring Cups
    2177 Easy Read Mini Measuring Cup
    2190 Salt and Pepper Mill
    2225 Measure-All Cup (outer sleeve)
    2228 Easy Adjustable Measuring Cup
    2229 Easy Adjustable Measuring Spoon
    2241 Pocket Thermometer
    2305 Juicer (bowl)
    2590 Easy Opener
    2779 Rice Cooker Plus (outer locks)
    2781 Chillzanne Rectangle Server (lid only)
    2826 Outdoor Tumblers
    2827 Outdoor Utensil Set
    2829 Outdoor Serving Set
    To assist you with answering any questions that you receive from your Hosts and Guests about this issue, please click here for the Q & A. Again, we are committed to providing you and our customers with products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

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