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Pampered Chef Thread: Ooey Gooey anyone?

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    Default Ooey Gooey anyone?

    I have a customer looking for an old recipe called Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Rolls. You used a can of the big buscuits. Flattened them all out and created a pecan "gooey" mixture and spread it over the buscuits. Rolled it up and cut them into one inch pieces.
    Any ideas? Already looked on consultant corner and no hits. Thanks!

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    Sounds a lot like a recipe I made at Thanksgiving. I did the Cinnamon Crunch Cobblestone Muffins from the All the Best Cookbook. I made it with 3 cans of grands muffins and divided it all between the stoneware fluted pan and the stoneware muffin pan. YUM! I believe I doubled the rest of the ingredients but you can't have too much of the cinnamon/pecan goo so I may have even tripled it.
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    I don't know about that one, but I have a similar one.

    2 cans big biscuits (8 each like grands)
    PC Sweet cinnamon sprinkles
    1c brown sugar
    1 stick margarin or butter
    1/2 c corn syrup
    1/2 cup nuts

    melt butter, brown sugar and syrup on stove top, add nuts.
    meanwhile, cut biscuits in 1/2 roll in sprinkles (I put a little on a small plate and add more when needed) place cut side down in rectangle baker (4 rows of 4 most of the time) pour melted mixture over top. bake 30 min at 350.

    I've also sprinkled the Carmel and Mocha sprinkles over the top before baking. Always a big hit! Hope this helps.

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    Thanks Jewel, I'll see if that's it.

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