Cake mix cookie press recipes

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    Has anyone made these before? I was thinking of trying them out. Do you decorate them with sprinkles or icing?

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    I have made the cake mix cookies and used the Cookie Press successfully. If you plan to use the cookie press be sure the dough is firm. That might require chilling it in the refrig for 30 minutes. Be sure you only microwave 2 sticks of butter, and cut in the other two sticks, so that the butter will be cooler (but still melted). This weekend, I made the Jewel or Gem thumbprint cookies and did not chill the dough. I used our small scoop for the balls, and because the dough was very soft, they spread to about 2 1/2", while baking. That was fine cause I had a center space (you need to make your imprint in the center a second time after the cookies are cool enough to touch), that took about a 1/2 tsp of jam or preserves. I used the sugar shaker to sprinkle confectioners sugar on the cookies after they cooled, before putting the jam in the center. Note: DO NOT BAKE the jam on the cookies. This is a very kid friendly recipe. They love to roll the balls, after you have scooped out the proper portion, and shake the XXXX sugar on the
    baked cookie. Have fun.

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