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Pampered Chef Thread: Brownie bites?

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    Default Brownie bites?

    Does anyone know how to make brownie bites? I'm assuming I would use the Deluxe Mini-Muffin Pan. But what size box of brownies to buy? How long to bake? What temp? How many does a box make? Thanks!!!

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    I use a regular box of brownies. Using the small scoop and the mini muffin pan 1 box of brownies usually makes 3 dozen brownies. Since the 2nd batch is only half of the pan you will need to fill the other unused spots with water. Anyway, I baked it at the same temp as on the box for 12-14 min. I just check it after 12 mins. and adjust the time accordingly.

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    That's what I do. If you put a teaspoon of either almond flavoring or good vanilla (which PC carries, of course) to your brownie mix, it will taste wonderful. People think I make the best homemade brownies around. Got them fooled!
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    Rae's got the right idea. Adding a little extract masks the "chemical" taste that some boxed brownie mixes have. And then you can also get away with using a lesser brand. If you want to doctor them a little more, add some mini chocolate chips and/or some chopped nuts.

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    Thanks, everyone! I was planning on taking some to my show tomorrow & I'm excited that I'll be able to leave some extras at home!!!

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    I do them a lot and you really should bake them at 325 instead of 350 as the box says. Always do it 25 degrees less than recipe unless it is a PC recipe (learned the hard way) or if it states non stick dark pan temp. I usually bake them for 14 minutes on 325 and they are great! I usually make one batch without nuts and the other with nuts. I use family size DH mix and it makes 2 dozen easily. I also have 2 mini muffin pans and put them in the oven side by side to save time.

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