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Pampered Chef Thread: Need Expo Ideas

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    Default Need Expo Ideas

    Guys, first I have to say thanks for all of the great tips and documents that I have benefitted from after having been a "lurking" member of the sight for only two weeks. I am an orphaned consultant with a super hospitality director who's a little too far away to do meetings with and an awesome director who is now three states away, so this is a lot easier for me! I keep hoping my team will grow so I can have my own meetings. Still trying...

    ANYWAY what I need info on are three events I have coming up. All are more expo opportunities than shows. My goal is simply to make them materialize into future bookings. They include:
    1. A "Shopping Day" featuring many other home party businesses. It is a beachy theme-- "Come Sail Away" How do I make my table stand out? I know you guys will have some super-creative ideas for this one.
    2. The second is also a "Girls Night Out" theme. It is supposed to be a fundraiser for Special Olympics, which my table fee of $15 will go toward. I am concerned that I will not have sales from which I can contribute a portion of the proceeds like other vendors who will have cash-and-carry items. Should I just offer to donate a certain amount per every show booked?
    3. This one has sales potential-- I work at a farm store that processes chickens and has a lot of clientele that is very big on local, sustainable agriculture. To kick off fresh-chicken season, I will be demonstrating how to prepare these chickens (which are only available whole), including how to cut them up, roast them whole, or anything else you guys think might be good. What other products could I feature besides the knives, cookware, and DCB? It should be something that is easy to give samples of.

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    For the beach theme, I'd use a picnic basket as a backdrop to display the outdoor items--plates, utensils, barbecue stuff, etc.
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    Beach... If all you have is the new con. kit just add a fun beach towel to you display maybee over a tan table cloth. If you have grill tools, colapseable bowls & outdoor plates use those. Coordinate with beach towel.

    Girls night... you could set a base donation say $20 or 15% of your sales whichever is higher. Find out how people are being invited to this event.

    Chicken... 30 min chicken in DCB. I would be all over that!!!
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    Maybe some shells or kids sand digging toys to help the beach theme? I used a cheapo outdoor grass astroturf mat and it's awesome to get the outdoor theme--less than $5 at a thrift store.

    Careful on samples of chicken - go for it, but know what the health requirements are, and have a thermometer handy.
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    With your Chicken you can use some of the spices, and give a spice or two away with anyone who buys a DCB on the spot.
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    Quote Quote by tlag1986 View Post
    With your Chicken you can use some of the spices, and give a spice or two away with anyone who buys a DCB on the spot.
    When doing the 30 minute chicken I had a guest slice the chicken while I mixed some of the Jerk seasoning in mayo for sandwiches...everyone loved it!

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