Dice game at a booth

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    I am in desperate need of bookings I have a booth this weekend and was thinking of doing a version of the dice game there. I thought about bringing the Spice Turn About with spices labeled 2-12 with prizes on the bottom. I thought about little things like old season's best, twix-it clips and citrus peelers for some of the prizes, free kitchen shows for the most popular numbers but wasn't sure what to use as the grand prize (rolling snake eyes). I don't want to do anything big but don't want it to seem cheesy. I thought about using a rub for the grand prize or even $10 off an order.

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    What amount do you consider big? Make up your own gift certificate in that amount that they can only redeem thru you. Then they can pick something out at that amount or add more of their own money to purchase something more expensive.

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