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Pampered Chef Thread: What Five Products? Just wonderin'

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    Default Re: What Five Products? Just wonderin'

    Quote Quote by esavvymom View Post
    LOL...a newbie who has a lot of shows and great sales under his belt already. Maybe you should be telling US what you take and say/do at your shows.
    I concur!
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    Quote Quote by esavvymom View Post
    LOL...a newbie who has a lot of shows and great sales under his belt already. Maybe you should be telling US what you take and say/do at your shows.
    So much charm to share and so little time.

    I have no problems answering direct questions but lets just say that if told "No, I don't want to host a cooking show" I usually invite guests and show up anyway. LOL
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    Haha! I'm going to try that!

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    Cutting Board with Measuring Cups. I have sold one at every show I've had since I've had it.

    The rest depends on what I'm doing and what the specials are.

    Also ... keep in mind that you don't have to show it to sell it. David Meenan said he sells a DCB at every show and never brings it!

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    David Meenan is my idol if he can sell it and not lug it around. If there is one thing I hate to take its the DCB b/c of the weight but I sell the bajeesus out of them when I cook in them.

    "For most people, it's not what they are that holds them back, it's what they think they are not." -John C. Maxwell

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    I ALWAYS use my DCB and during a lull I talk about the 5 things that I think every kitchen needs (4 out of 5 are inexpensive items but without fail I see 2 or 3 of these on the end of most orders)

    My fav. 5 are
    Measure All cups
    Adjustable Measuring Spoons
    Easy Opener
    I Slice

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    i have the rolling tote also (that got w/my free pc $ for qualifying) so i try to fill it to the top! i always bring my dcb, 7" santoku, ss bowls, small sheet pan (for everyone to pass around), tta (stuffed) and whatever the host special is for the month i'm trying to book.
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    I am a sucker for the pantry stuff. I love to pass them around, and usually everyone buys at least one.

    I always bring the trifle bowl. It is great to hold my door prizes, or slips. I love showing off how fridge friendly it is.

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    I also bring many products , Trainned to CROSS SELL from the best Feriale Yan my up line to sell a knife to cookware to SA
    I know people do like to see the products. 1 from all groups . Now that we are going into spring/ summer the grill products and out door products. Since I have many repeat host ( after 9 years ) they do want to see the New products too
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