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Pampered Chef Thread: Pampered Partner Plus

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    Question Pampered Partner Plus

    I havent updated yet and I have a recruit that needs help putting in her 1st show, I can't follow along with her cuz she has the Plus program!! How do I update? Do I just put in the PP plus disc and will it keep all my info from past shows??

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    You have to install the P-Plus program (I think you have to find the icon on 'My Computer' or else you will just get the PP16.0 instead of P-Plus) and it will automatically update when connected to the internet and transfer all your past shows/info over to the new program. Good luck!

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    If you have dial-up, install when you go to bed, so it can be connected all night. There have been a lot of updates, and they'll take a while to download.

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    There are installation instructions on consultants corner.

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